Baron Missakian Collection
Photographs from the collection of Jazz Age Kansas City studio portrait photographer, between 1922 and 1938
Joseph K. Redmond, Jr. Collection
Photographs from the collection of a manager for the Uptown, Esquire and Tower Theaters in Kansas City, between 1900 and 1972
McLean Family Collection
Photographs and postcards from the collection of the family who owned McLean Band Shop in downtown Kansas City, between 1840s and 1950s
Sheet Music Collection
World War I, World War II, and Kansas City imprints covering a variety of musical styles, visual artistry, and thematic subjects, between 1874 and 1966
Victorian Studio Portrait Photograph Collection
Photographic portraits from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s, the bulk representing studios in Missouri and Kansas, particularly Kansas City, between 1860s and 1910s