P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Prints

This part of the Ruth Ferris Collection contains prints, mostly lithographs taken from illustrated periodicals in the 19th century.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library


The Mississippi River
The delta of the Mississippi - scene at Southwest Bar. Telegraph station at Southwest Bar. Stake Island. Scene after the hurricane of October 5.
Crevasse on the Lower Mississippi
Illustration of fishermen on the riverbank of the Mississippi at flood stage. House and men in a canoe in the background., From Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War.
Government Snagboat No. 2
Government snag-boat removing obstructions from the channel of a western river. - Drawn by Schell and Hogan. - [See page 870.]
Queen of the West
The federal ram "Queen of the West" attacking the rebel gunboat "Vicksburg" off Vicksburg.--[See page 139.]
A Trip on the Atchafalaya River
1. Entrance to Atchafalaya River. 2. A "Swamper's" house on the Atchafalaya. 3. A Swamper. 4. Steamer running the rapids of the Atchafalaya. 5. Red River Landing. 6. Castle on the Atchafalaya. 7. Little Whiskey Bayou. 8. A Swamper's garden (in a Canoe). 9. The ash cabin, Atchafalaya. 10. Map showing changes in the Mississippi's current.
Gun-Boats Fitting Out at Cincinnatti
Gun-boats fitting out at Cincinnati, Ohio, for government service on the Mississippi.
Green River packet "Chaperon"
Fort Benton
U. S. P. R. R. Exp. and Surveys - 47th and 49th parallels.
The Eads Jetties
The Eads Jetties, at South Pass, mouth of the Mississippi River.
Mortar Boats In Process of Construction
From Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War.
The Game of Keno
Sketched by Theodore R. Davis.
Closing scene of the naval fight before Memphis
From Harper's Pictorial History of the Civil War.
Lake Pepin
Grand - Spirit - Tables (Lake Pepin)
Great Falls of the Missouri River
U. S. P. R. R. Exp. and Surveys - 47th and 49th parallels.
Flag Ship "Harper" Attacked
The flag-ship "Harper" attacked by the ram "Manassas" and a fire-raft in the Mississippi.-[see page 373.]


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