The Mercantile Library's map collection is a vast holding of maps dating from the earliest days of printing to the 21st century. The Library's cartographic works include stand-alone maps; rare books with maps; travel ephemera; atlases; plats; federal, state and local urban planning and government documents, and much more. The maps cover geography and subjects ranging from the far and wide (the world, the territory of Louisiana, exploration of the far east) to the local and specific (cemetary plats, street car and feeder bus routing maps).
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


A Map of Carolana and of the River Meschacebe
Map from a work titled "A Description of the English Province of Carolana: by the Spaniards called Florida, and by the French La Louisane." The first English map of the Mississippi Valley. The whole of the territory this map comprises was claimed by the father of Daniel Coxe, the author, as the would-be proprietor of the area under the Crown. The author lived in the region for many years and explored it to its fullest extent., This map appears in the 1840 Saint Louis printing of the "A Description of the English Province of Carolana..." The map was originally printed in 1722.
Map to illustrate the route of Prince Macimilian of Wied in the interior of North America from Boston to the upper Missouri
From Karl Bodmer's "Illustration to Maximilian Prince of Wied's Travels in the Interior of North America. London : Ackerman & Co. 1844. First edition was published in Germany, 1839. See David Rumsey's Map Collection entry for more information., Single map.
Lovisiana by de Rivier Missisippi.
Map of the river system from the Dutch edition of John Law’s own description of Louisiana’s great prospects, the Mississippi Bubble. The map covers and area from the Mississippi River's mouth, north to Canada. It was immensely important in creating awareness of the faraway region, a remote wilderness., Map from John Law's "Het groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid : vertoonende de opkomst, voortgang en ondergang der Actie, Bubbel en Windnegotie, in Vrankryk, Engeland, en de Nederlanden, gepleegt in dem Jaare 1720", a collection of various pieces on the South Sea Bubble in prose and verse, with a number of caricatures, brought together under a general titlepage.
Fracl. Township 45 N. R. 7E.
Hutawa came to St. Louis from eastern Europe in the early 1830’s with family members and settled in St. Louis, a home base for a lithography business which lasted for many years and which specialized in maps—some of the very first west of the Mississippi for an American city of any kind—and of the American west. See also Fracl. Township 45 N. R. 7E.: Map., Atlas of the County of St. Louis, Missouri by Congressional Townships compiled by Edward Hutawa. (St. Louis: Hutawa, 1848)
Substandard Dwelling Unites
Plate number seven. Obsolete dwellings breed slums. Slums are the direct outgrowth of obsolete substandard housing., From: Report / City Plan Commission of St. Louis. [St. Louis] : City Plan Commission of St. Louis. 1942.
Harbor of Saint Louis.
Map of the Mississippi River stretching from Alton, Illinois to Saint Louis, Missouri and East Saint Louis, Illinois. Includes islands (Kerr's Island; Cabaret Island; Chouteau Island; Wilson's Island; Mobile Island; Ellis Island) and railroads (CH. A. & ST. L. R. R.; St. L. A. & T. H. R. R.; Edwardsville Coal R. R.; O. & M. R. R.)., From: Message of the mayor, and reports of city officers : delivered to the city council.
Map of the Northern Part of Missouri Territory
This map was produced by Gardiner as Chief Clerk of the General Land Office of the United States under pressure by Congress to begin the sale of "bounty lands" cheaply to veterans of past wars in recognition of military service rendered. This map is the first official United States survey of any territory in the trans-Mississippi west., "Entered according to act of Congress by John Gardiner, Distt. Columa."
(G) Diagram of the State of Missouri
Map of the townships of the State of Missouri by the Office of the Surveyor General for the States of Illinois and Missouri. Saint Louis, October 28th, 1849. Shows previous boundaries of the State of Missouri, including the old Indian boundary line, the 1837 boundary line, and the west boundary line.
The City of St. Louis Missouri.
An 1855 map of the city published by Joseph Hutchins Colton.
Tourist's Trolley Map of St. Louis and Environs
During 1915 the United Railways transported 356,814,595 passengers - of these 124,043,205 were free transfer passengers. The average fare per passenger therefore was 3.23 cents. The ratio of fatalities in 1915 was one fatality to 89 million Passengers. A STREET CAR IS A PRETTY SAFE PLACE.
Estados Unidos de la America Septentrional
An early European map showing the origin of all the major rivers in one high elevation, still strongly viewed as a possibility in the unexplored territories. The young United States, including Missouri and Arkansas, are outlined in yellow—“Missiri” is the territorial name, “Sn. Luis” is the name used for the state of Missouri. The Pacific Northwest is outlined in blue as “Colombia” and, again, most of the Louisiana Territory, as “Missiri, in red. By Pablo Alabern i Moles.
Map of the City of St. Louis, Mo.
Edward and Julius Hutawa's map of the city of Saint Louis in 1846. Contains numbered local landmarks., The Western metropolis : or St. Louis in 1846 / compiled by W.D. Skillman.
The City of St. Louis
In the 1870s the great American tradition of bird's eye views became a popular way of depicting the seemingly limitless potential and growth of the great American cities. St. Louis was no exception and several documented the city's prominence in this period. Bird's eye view of the city of St. Louis from the waterfront stretching west. Important places are listed at the bottom of the view: Carondelet, Shaw's Botanical Garden, Compton Hill Reservoir, Market, Insane Asylum, Gas House, R. C. Convent, St. Louis & Iron Mt. R.R. Depot, Pacific and Missouri R.R. Depots, City Hall (Four Courts), St. James Hotel, Southern Hotel, Washington Sq., Masonic Temple, Jewish Synagogue, Laclede Hotel, Court House, Planters House, New Post Office, Missouri Republican Bldg., Missouri Park, New Post Office, St. Louis University, Odd Fellows Hall, St. Louis Life Ins Co, Union Market, New Reservoir, Mississippi Bridge, Fair Grounds, Hyde Park, St. Louis Kansas & Northern R.R., Elevator, Northern Park, Water Works. Many steamboats and much commerce can be seen in the foreground., Statement of responsibility: Sketched & Drawn on Stone by Parsons & Atwater.
Campbell's Political Map of Missouri
Engraved expressly for his sectional topographical & descriptive atlas of the state. Contains congressional districts, counties, judicial circuits, cities, roads, railroads, and rivers. Entered according to an act of Congress in the year 1872., From: Campbell's new atlas of Missouri : with descriptions historical, scientific, and statistica. Maps constructed and drawn on the polyconic projection / by R.A. Campbell.
A View of the Aggregate Population of the several Counties in Missouri
This map shows the aggregate poplulation, with dots representing 1000 inhabitants, of the counties of Missouri according to the census of 1860., From Bird's-eye Views of Slavery in Missouri / by E. Leigh, M.D. St. Louis: Woods et al, 1862.
Carte Nouvelle de la Louisiane, et de la Riviera de MISSISIPI, de'couverte par fell Mr. de La Salle
This is the first map reporting the last two expeditions of La Salle which related La Salle’s celebrated Mississippi exploration and became the first accurate delineation of the river system of the vast French empire. In spite of the hardships of Joutel in making his way back to Canada after the tragic death of La Salle and the breakup of the ill-fated expedition, he produced a fine account and one of the best maps to his time of the Mississippi River. Personal copy of Auguste Chouteau, donated to the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association., Map appears in Henri Joutel's Journal Historique du Dernier Voyage que Feu M. de LaSale Fit Dans le Golfe de Mexique... Published by Chez E. Robinot, 1713.


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