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Established in 1984 as a special collection of the St. Louis Mercantile Library, the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library stands today as one of North America’s largest and finest railroad history collections. Named after the noted twentieth century railroad executive, John W. Barriger, III (1899-1976), whose collection forms its heart, the Library has grown to become a major resource for the history of railroad business and technology as well as for the study of railroading’s multidimensional influence on the American economy, society and culture. To see a list of Barriger library collections and finding aids, including those materials not yet available in the digital library, please see the Barriger Library Special Collections Directory.
B-1 John W. Barriger III Collection
The working library of noted railroad executive John W. Barriger III (1899-1976) was acquired in 1982, the generous donation of his family. Widely recognized as one of the twentieth century's best-known and most distinguished railroad executives, Mr. Barriger was also an avid scholar, book collector, and photographer. His collection of books, papers, photographs, and memorabilia - collected over an active career of 50 years - forms the nucleus of the Library's railroad collections, one of the largest rail transportation collections in the world.
B-4: Association of American Railroads-Bureau of Railway Economics Historical Collection
The Bureau of Railway Economics Historical Collection is comprised of approximately 30,000 volumes including rare books, pamphlets and industrial reports dating from the very beginnings of railroads in this country in the 1820s through the 1980s. Of particular note are the many nearly complete runs of corporate annual reports for dozens of companies; foundational corporate documents; reports and internal corporate histories; trade periodicals; and an outstanding group of 19th century travelers and emigrants guidebooks. Additional periodical holdings in the Barriger Library which complement the BRE Collection include the Official Railway Equipment Register, Pocket List of Railroad Officials, the Official Railway Guide, Herapaths Railway & Commercial Journal, and the American Railroad Journal. Also included in this important collection are professional railroad club proceedings which provide vital insights into railroad operating, engineering, and management practice. B-4: Association of American Railroads-Bureau of Railway Economics Historical Collection is also indexed within the special collections directory of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library.
B-121 FOIA Request Files from FBI regarding the Wreck of the Federal in 1953
Files from the Federal Bureau of Investigation relating to the FBI's investigation of the accident at Union Station in January 1953 involving The Federal.

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