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Lecture Delivered by Henry F. Knapp, C.E., Before the Polytechnic Branch of the American Institute (Cooper Institute)
The Merchants Laclede National Bank of St. Louis
Mysteries of Saint Louis
Bissell Mss.
The Federal Reserve Bank With Special Reference to District No. 8
Pomarede's Original Panorama of the Mississippi River
A Memorial to Congress to Secure an Adequate Appropriation for a Prompt and Thorough Improvement of the Mississippi River
Pott Library Books
Taos, A Romance of the Massacre
Improvement Mortgage
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia November 12-13-14, 1951
Views of the Great Kansas City Flood
Letter from the Secretary of War,
The Merchants' bridge : an appeal to the citizens and business men of St. Louis
Captain Jolly on the Picturesque St. Croix
Annual Convention of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association
The Ohio River


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