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Temperance Manual of the American Temperance Society for the Young Men of the United States
A Reply to Mr A. Campbell's M. Harbinger, Extra, On Remission of Sins, Etc.
Fifth Report of the American Temperance Society May 1832
Constitution and Tenth Annual Meeting of the American Tract Society
A Description of Grand Tower, on the Mississippi
The Ninth Annual Report of the American Sunday School Union
Minutes of the Fourteenth Anniversary Baptist Missionary Convention of the State of New York
Sixth Report of the American Temperance Society
The Tennessee Gazetteer
To the People of Missouri
Prospectus of the Missouri Iron Company And Missouri And Iron Mountain Cities
Louisiana - Inhabitants of - Levees - Mississippi. Petition Relative to Levees on the Mississippi.
Discourse on the Surviving Remnant of the Indian Race in the United States
Charter of the Springfield And Alton Turnpike Or Railroad Company
Constitution and By-Laws of the Mechanics' Institute of St. Louis
Remarks Made On A Tour To Prairie Du Chen; Thence to Washington City, in 1829
A Sermon, Preached in the First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, Missouri, on the First Sabbath of 1839


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