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Illinois Directories
The Illustrated Guide of St. Louis
Shewey's Pictorial St. Louis Past and Present
The St. Louis Complete Business Directory for 1858
Gould's Blue Book, for the City of St. Louis. 1894. Vol. XII. For the Year Ending November 15th, 1894
The Saint Louis of To-Day
Blue Book and Directory of the Merchants League Club
St. Louis Taxpayers' Directory
Police Guide and Directory of St. Louis
Tracy's Guide to Missouri and St. Louis
Directory of the Legion of Honor of the State of Missouri: Issued January 1st, 1898
The Hand-Book of Sedalia Missouri
St. Louis Directory of Charitable, Philanthropic, and Humane Societies, 1902
Engineers Club of St. Louis
Gould's Blue Book, for the City of St. Louis. 1893. Vol. XI. For the Year Ending November 15th, 1893
The Western Metropolis
Directory of the City of East St. Louis, for 1889-90
St. Louis Directory of Charities and Philanthropies, 1905
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1874
Gould's St. Louis Directory for 1906


Mercantile Library Collections Directory

Mercantile Special Collections Directory

Barriger Library Collections Directory

Barriger Special Collections Directory

Pott Library Collections Directory

Pott Special Collections Directory