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George Washington To Mr. [William] Hunter, integral address cover docketed by Hunter.
M-172: John O'Fallon Letter
George Washington to Thornton Fleming, Valantine Cooke, and William McLenaham
Letter from Frederick Bates to Colonel Thomas Hunt, July 22, 1807
M-006: John Bell Letter
Letter of Senator Douglas
To the Citizens of the State of Missouri
Letter from John Jacob Astor to Charles Gratiot, July 24, 1811
P-046 William Charles Redfield Letter
M-051: Thomas Jefferson Collection
Military Pass for Tobias Lawrence [Forgery]
M-370: German Sisters Captivity Letter
George Washington to Jabez Huntington. [Forgery]
M-001: John Quincy Adams Letter
The Cotton Trade. Letter from the Secretary of State
Letters of Albert Gallatin, on the Oregon Question
Letter from John Jacob Astor to Anthony Charles Cazenove, July 11, 1813
M-016: Buchanan, James
M-023: Henry Clay Letters


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