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St. Louis National Bank Building
Security National Bank Savings and Trust
Gaslight-Style Fixtures
Mercantile Trust Company One-Hundredth Anniversary
Discussing The Holdup At Mercantile Trust Company
Detective Checks For Fingerprints At Mercantile Trust Company
"Give Me The Money In Right Draw"--Mercantile Trust Co.
Detective Dusting For Fingerprints At The Scene Of Robbery--Mercantile Trust Co.
Renovation Of The Mercantile Trust Company
A Total Of 7500 Safe Deposit Boxes--Mercantile Trust Co.
Mercantile Trust Company Armor Plate Vault
Mercantile Trust Company Dining Room
Mercantile Trust Company Drive-up Service
Mercantile Trust Company's Inquiry Station and Automatic Signature Verification System
New System At The Mercantile Trust Co.
Discussing Interest Rates At The 27th Anuual Correspondent Banking Conference--Mercantile Trust Co.
Mayor Tucker--Mercantile Trust Company
One Million Dollars In Cash And About $2,000,000 In Bonds--Mercantile Trust Co.
Three Mercantile Trust Company Employees Are Presented With Service Pins
Harbaugh Presents Guth With A Watch--Mercantile Trust Company


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