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Bissell Mss.
Discourse on Fever; Delivered Before the Massachusetts Medical Society
A View of the Lead Mines of Missouri
M-111, Series 1: Baptist Pamphlet Collection
An Inaugural Dissertation; Being A Conjectural Inquiry Into the Relative Influence of the Mind and Stomach
Travels in the Interior of America, in the Years 1809, 1810, and 1811
Map of the Northern Part of Missouri Territory
Thomas Jefferson Handwritten Document
M-002: John Jacob Astor Collection
A Live Buffalo Broadside
Fair Play is A Jewel
Letter from John Jacob Astor to Charles Gratiot, July 24, 1811
Pathological Reflections on General Diseased Action
Letter from John Jacob Astor to Anthony Charles Cazenove, July 11, 1813
The Theatre
The Fatal Effects of Ardent Spirits
Map of the Mississippi from St. Louis to the Marameck River


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