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M-111, Series 1: Baptist Pamphlet Collection
Speech of Mr. Storrs on the Proposition to Amend the Constitution of the United States
Strictures, By Robert Hare, M.D., Professor of Chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania
Estados Unidos de la America Septentrional
Speech of Mr. Benton, of Missouri, on the Bill to Graduate the Price of the Public Lands
An Inaugural Dissertation on the Sanguinaria Canadensis of Linnaeus
Pathological Reflections on the Supertonic State of Disease
Strictures on a Publication Entitled, Clark's Gas Blowpipe
The State of the Case and the Argument for the Appellants
An Examination of Essays on Fevers, and Other Medical Subjects
Narrative Journal of Travels From Detroit Through the Great Chain of American Lakes, to the Sources of the Mississippi River
Letter From the Secretary of War, Transmitting the Report of the Board of Internal Improvement
An Examination of the Strictures in the New England Journal
Dissertations on Cynanche Trachealis or Croup; And on The Functions of the Extreme Capillary Vessels in Health and Disease
The Home Missionary, Vol. II. No. 5. September 1, 1829

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