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Minutes of the Fifth Stone's River Association
Minutes of the Thirteenth Session of the Buffalo Baptist Association
Minutes of the Elk River Association of United Baptists
Minutes of the Fifth Anniversary of the Iowa Baptist Association
Various Illustrations from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
The charter of the Ohio and Mississippi Rail Road Company
Thirty-Fourth Anniversary of the Hudson River Baptist Association
American Railroad Journal
American Railroad Journal
Minutes of the Twenty-Eighth Anniversary of the Missouri United Baptist Association
Speech of Mr. Reynolds, of Illinois, in Committee of the Whole, on the Treasury Note Bill
American Railroad Journal
Minutes of the Fourth Anniversary of the Baptist Association of Wiskonsan
Minutes of the Illinois Baptist Anniversaries
Minutes of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Ohio Baptist Association
Speech of Hon. R. M. McLane, of Maryland, on the War With Mexico
American Railroad Journal
New York Philharmonic Society Third Season Second Concert


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