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Mr. Benton of Missouri on The Oregon Question
Letter of the Hon. J. Reynolds of Illinois, to his Constituents
Speech of Hon. J. Brinkerhoff, of Ohio, on the Oregon Question
Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order
A Vindication of the Order of the Sons of Temperance
M-111, Series 1: Baptist Pamphlet Collection
Addresses Before the Sons of Temperance
Speech of Hon. Thomas H. Benton of Missouri
Speech of Mr. Breese, of Illinois, on the Three Million Bill.
Speech of Hon. Willard P. Hall, of Missouri, in the House of Representatives, January 19, 1848
Speech of Hon. R. M. McLane, of Maryland, on the War With Mexico
Speech of the Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michigan, on European Interference in American Affairs
Remarks of Mr. Reynolds of Illinois
Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of a Temperance Celebration
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