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Report on the Gauge of Track to Board of Directors of Pacific Railroad, Missouri
Address of Hon. N. P. Banks
Address to the Citizens of the State, from the Presidents of the Pacific Railroad
A List of Titles of the Acts Passed at the Adjouned Session of the Eighteenth General Assembly
Third Annual Report of the Children's Aid Society. February, 1856
Complete Guide to the St. Louis Museum
Speech of Hon. S. A. Douglas, of Illinois, in the Senate, January 30, 1854, on the Nebraska Territory
The Office and Duties of Ruling Elders
Speech of G. W. Goode, Esq., of St. Louis
A Review of the Lectures of the Relative Strength of Catholicity and Protestantism
Documents Exhibiting the Organization, Condition and Relations of the Pacific Railroad of the State of Missouri
Speech of Hon. J. L. D. Morrison on the Naturalization Laws
Jonathan Jones' Commercial College, Charles Stewart's Mathematical Institute, and S. D. Hayden's Writing Academy, United
Third Annual Report of the Young Men's Christian Union of Buffalo
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. Rules For the Running of trains
Sketch Book of Saint Louis


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