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Address of Hon. N. P. Banks
The Office and Duties of Ruling Elders
A Review of the Lectures of the Relative Strength of Catholicity and Protestantism
Speech of Hon. J. L. D. Morrison on the Naturalization Laws
The Obligation of Man to Obey the Civil Law, Its Ground, and Its Extent
Speech of Hon. J. Hickman, of Pennsylvania, in the House of Representatives, January 28, 1858
Speech of Hon. John S. Phelps, of Missouri, on the Kansas Election
Discourse of Mr. Benton, of Missouri, Before the Boston Mercantile Library Association
An Address to the Graduates of the Medical Department of the St. Louis University
Speech of Honorable Thomas Allen of St. Louis
Address of Gen. Lewis Cass Delivered Before the Kalamazoo County Agricultural Society, on Friday, October 11, 1850
The Spiritual Life
The Substance of an Address Delivered Before the Missouri Bible Society
Speech of Mr. Douglas, of Illinois, in Reply to Mr. Soulé, Relative to the Public Lands in California
Speech of Hon. H. S. Foote, of Mississippi, on the Measures of Compromise
Speech of Hon. J.R. Giddings, on the Reference of the President's Message


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