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Speech of G. W. Goode, Esq., of St. Louis
Speech of Hon. John S. Phelps, of Missouri, on the Kansas Election
Fillmore and Donelson, Songs for the Campaign
Speech of Col. Lewis V. Bogy
Speech of Hon. M. P. Gentry, of Tennessee
Speech of George W. Goode, Esq.
Remarks of Hon. F. P. Blair, Jr., Of St. Louis
Remarks of the Hon. Robert C. Harrison, (of Cooper County) Delivered in Joint Session, January 27, 1855
An Address to the Working Men of the City and County of St. Louis, 1857.
Organization of the House
Speeches of Peter Carr, Delivered in Joint Session of the Legislature of Missouri, January 27, 1855.
Remarks of the Hon. J. T. Hughes, of Clinton, Co.

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