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Tennessee Bill of Lading
Gould's Blue Book, for the City of St. Louis. 1891. Vol. IX. For the Year Ending November 15th, 1891
Gould's Blue Book, for the City of St. Louis. 1898. Vol. XVI. For the Year Ending November 20th, 1898
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1893 (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1894.)
Cincinnati, Ohio Public Landing
Sunshine Bill of Lading
Locust fr. Broadway East
Frankie Baker
List of Masters, Mates, Pilots, and Engineers of Merchant Steam, Motor, and Sail Vessels 1897
Dick Fowler Bill of Lading
St. Louis Up To Date
St. Nicholas Hotel. 1898
Tower Grove Dairy
State of Kansas
Roof Garden U.T. Blg: 1894
Eagle Boat Store
Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1893-1894


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