Miscellaneous Maps (Collection)

Colored map of Louisiana Purchase territory and all acquisitions
Shows the territory of the original 13 states and United States land acquisitions and annexations including Louisiana Purchase, Florida, Alaska, Texas, Hawaii, the southwestern United States, the Gadsden Purchase, the establishment of the settlement line with Great Britain of the Oregon Territory, and other islands., Includes insets from Midway Islands, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, Guam, Howland and Baker Islands, Wake Island, Samoa Islands, Puerto Rico, and Alaska., Large map has copyright date of 1904 by Rand McNally and Company., Title from host item table of contents.
General map of the United States of America
This map of the United States of America was published in the book, "The United States with an excursion into Mexico: handbook for travelers.", The book in which this map was published, The United States with an excursion into Mexico: handbook for travellers, can be viewed in the HathiTrust Digital Library.
Map of the United States, constructed from the latest authorities, 1826
Folded in leather cover., Scale: ca. 1:730,000., "The publisher is indebted to the politeness of Major S. H. Long for the use of his documents in the construction of that portion of this map west of the Mississippi River.", "J. H. Young S..." (Border damaged; balance of word wanting), Map drawn by David H. Vance.
Map of the flora of Columbia, Missouri and vicinity
Accompanying geological map from book The Flora of Columbia Missouri and Vicinity by Francis Potter Daniels., "To professor C. F. Marbut is due the map which accompanies this paper, and to him the author gives the heartiest thanks"--Page viii., "Plate No. 1.", "Scale: 2 in. = 1 mile. Contour interval = 201.", Title devised by cataloger.
Soil map of Missouri
The original map was originally included as Plate X in the thesis "The Soils of Missouri" by Henry H. Krusekopf. The map is an enhanced version of "Base map of Missouri" which was published in 1914 by the Missouri Bureau of Geology and Mines. The map appears to be hand colored. This enhanced version shows the distribution of soils in Missouri. The base map also shows railroads, cities over 5,000, and county seats., Damaged part of map reads "Compiled in Cooperation with the United States Geological Survey. This map is based on Land Office plats adjusted to surveys of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, Mississippi River Commission, Missouri River Commission, and United States Geological Survey.", Original map measures 104 x 119 cm., Information about this digital copy: digitized by the University of Missouri--Columbia, MU Libraries on June 1, 2016. Scanning specifications: 400 dpi; scanned on Indus Color Book Scanner 5005; scanned in 6 image sections and merged in Photoshop using Photomerge.