Pages from the past: Ireland

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Statutes of Ireland, beginning the third year of K. Edward the second : [pages 247-248]
Information about this leaf: The text has both Roman and Gothic typography. The Gothic text is printed in Latin at the top of both pages. The Roman text is printed in English on both pages., Information about this book: The book this leaf is from may be the work commissioned to James Hooker, alias the Vowell, to record the statutes of Ireland during the year 1569., This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Two early school books, Irish and American : [2 leaves]
pftp137, OCLC: 1509578 (The complete measurer), These leaves are part of Pages of the Past: Original Leaves from Rare Books and Manuscripts, a collection of manuscript and rare book leaves., These leaves were identified from information on the label. WorldCat records were used to glean additional information about the book., Information about this digital copy: digitized by University of Missouri—Columbia, MU Libraries on December 2, 2016. Scanning specifications: 600 dpi; scanned on Zeutschel OS 15000; cropped using Photoshop., Hawney, William. The Complete Measurer. R. Jackson, 1785. Murray, Lindley. Murray's English Grammar. Robert Davis & Co., 1856.