Pages from the past: Spanish

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Estatutos generales de Barcelona : [pages 113-114]
This book was identified by the information on the label.
Icones Veteris Testamenti : [1 leaf]
pftp147, OCLC: 644272846, This leaf is part of Pages of the Past: Original Leaves from Rare Books and Manuscripts, a collection of manuscript and rare book leaves., This leaf was identified from information on the label. WorldCat records were used to glean additional information about the book., Information about this digital copy: digitized by University of Missouri—Columbia, MU Libraries on December 2, 2016. Scanning specifications: 600 dpi; scanned on Zeutschel OS 15000; cropped using Photoshop.
Idea de vn principe politico Christiano : Representada en cien empresas : [pages 566-567]
Pages 566 and 567 from Idea de vn principe politico christiano : representada en cien empresas. Page 566 mention the royal members of the Kingdom of Castile in the Thirteenth Century. Page 567 has a large engraving of warring soldiers possibly depicting the rivalry between the Kingdoms of Castile and Leon. A scroll at the top of the image contains the phrase "BELLUM COLLIGIT QUI DISCORDIAS SEMINAT," "who sews discord, reaps war."
Las quatorze decadas de Tito Livio : [pages 407-408]
Book identified using information on label., Information on book: This is a Spanish translation of Livy, a famous Roman historian. This book is one of the earliest example of color woodcuts. These particular woodcuts had their origin in Mainz, Germany, where they were used in a German translation of Livy