Pages from the past: 1620-1629

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Annales : The true and royal history of the famous empresse Elizabeth : [pages 365-366]
Information about this leaf: From Annales of Elizabeth (1625) containing pages 365-366 from Book 2 dated 1576. Typography is Roman with selected phrases such as "Queen Elizabeth" and the formal names of figures and countries in italics. Noteworthy on page 365 is the mention of the death of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II and the succession of his son, Rudolf II. Page 366 tells of the death of Walter Devereux, the 1st Earl of Essex., This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Les caprices. 17. Deux femmes de profil : [1 leaf]
Information about this leaf: This is plate 17 in Les Caprices. The etching method is an intaglio rendering on copperplate., Information about this book: Issued between 1621-1631., Biographical information: Jacques Callot (1592–1635), French (Lorrainese) draftsman and printmaker. Callot was one of the most prolific, creative, and influential draftsmen and printmakers of the seventeenth century. He made more than 1,400 prints and developed technical innovations, such as hardground etching, that became standard procedure for all Western printmakers.--Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, 2004. 358-359. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 23 Oct. 2015., Information about digital copy: digitized by University of Missouri—Columbia, MU Libraries on September 11, 2015. Scanning method: 600 dpi; scanned on Zeutschel OS 15000; cropped using Photoshop., This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Statutes of Ireland, beginning the third year of K. Edward the second : [pages 247-248]
Information about this leaf: The text has both Roman and Gothic typography. The Gothic text is printed in Latin at the top of both pages. The Roman text is printed in English on both pages., Information about this book: The book this leaf is from may be the work commissioned to James Hooker, alias the Vowell, to record the statutes of Ireland during the year 1569., This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Vulgate edition of the Bible : [pages 471-472]
Information from book label.