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Elsiver miniature engraving : Symbola politica : [pages 247-248]
This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Illuminated Persian manuscript from the early Nineteenth Century : [1 leaf]
pftp142, This leaf is part of Pages of the Past: Original Leaves from Rare Books and Manuscripts, a collection of manuscript and rare book leaves., This leaf was identified from information on the label., Information about this digital copy: digitized by University of Missouri—Columbia, MU Libraries on December 2, 2016. Scanning specifications: 600 dpi; scanned on Zeutschel OS 15000; cropped using Photoshop., This leaf is from a collection of the works of various poets who lived and died in the Twelfth Century: Sanā'ī, Nezāmi, Sa‘di, and Hāfez.
Persian MS Koran : [1 leaf]
Persian manuscript of the Qu'ran (Koran). The particular verse is unknown. The writing is done in a slanted calligraphic style. According to the author of the label card included in the Pages From the Past folio, the slanted calligraphic style is a later convention and cannot be found in Persian manuscripts earlier than the Seventeenth Century. This has not been confirmed. The page contains blue and gold bordering with gold floral motif illumination. In a zoomed in view, guide marks of a small "swirl" shape can be seen down the center of the folio in red ink. There are small Persian characters that have been cut off at the bottom edges of the folio., This leaf was identified from information on the label.
Sixteenth century breviary : [pages 309-310]
Book identified using information on label.