The Columns

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1892 - Burning of the University of Missouri
The Columns weren't always just columns. Before Jesse Hall was erected, "Academic Hall" stood at the epicenter of campus and its activities. However, in 1892, this building burned down, leaving the six columns., Savitar, 1958. page 13.
1894 - The surviving Columns
A look at the Columns right after "Old" Academic Hall burned down in 1892., Savitar, 1894. page 99.
1920 - Ivy on the Columns
Company A of the University's R.O.T.C takes a picture for the yearbook in front of the Columns. Addition the 1920 copy of the Savitar., Savitar, 1920. page 289.
1938 - Treatment of the Columns
In order to preserve the Columns, the University treated the columns to protect them from weather. During the summer of 1938, the Columns were also stripped of their ivy because it damaged the stone., Savitar, 1994. page 68.
2003 - Tiger Walk at the Columns
The University holds the annual Tiger Walk event. Every year before school starts, freshmen symbolize their integration into the University through walking through the Columns., Savitar, 2003. page 22.