Rothwell Gymnasium

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1904 - Construction of Rothwell Gymnasium
Constructed in 1904, Rothwell originally cost the University $70,000. Originally, the building was three stories high in the front and two stories high in the back, and the construction was engineered for later additions. Materially, the entire building had hardwood floors and the walls were built with gray stone., Savitar, 1906. page 255.
1910 - An early look at Rothwell Gymnasium
Rothwell looks a lot more expansive that it did a hundred years ago, but the 1910 gymnasium did have a lot of facilities. The complex had a 4-person track, an aquatic center, an outdoor gym, a trophy room, and more. While the modern Student Rec Center holds a lot more amenities, the original Rothwell was one of the most advanced gyms in the Midwest at the time., Savitar, 1910. page 8.
1949 - Rothwell Gymnasium addition ceremony
Near the mid-20th century, the University funded Rothwell, completing the plans for a second floor of the gymnasium. Here is a photo from February 25, 1950. Mrs. Frederick Middlebush is snipping the ribbon to formally open Rothwell's addition., Savitar, 1950. page 330.