University of Missouri Photograph Collection

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Basketball at Mizzou (Collection)
Some of the photographs in this collection can also be found in the University Archives' online collection Tigers Through the Hoop.
Dairy Husbandry at Mizzou (Collection)
Some photographs from this collection can also be viewed in the University Archives' online collection Cows on the Lawn.
Homecoming at Mizzou (Collection)
This is a collection of photographs showing the beginnings of the homecoming tradition at the University of Missouri-Columbia and how it has evolved over time. Some of the photographs from this collection are from the University Archives' online exhibit Come On Home, Tigers! The exhibit can be viewed here.
Mizzou From the Air: 1919 (Collection)
This collection is in the legacy University of Missouri Digital Library. Link: Mizzou From the Air: 1919 3 Images The images on this page are part of a scrapbook compiled by 1920 MU Civil Engineering graduate, Warren G. Fowler. The scrapbook is part of a larger collection of Fowler's student memorabilia within the holdings of the University of Missouri-Columbia Archives. The entire Fowler collection is available to patrons in the reading room of the UMC Archives (#703 Lewis Hall). Fowler provided accompanying descriptive text which explains that the photographs are, "Airplane views of the University of Missouri and Columbia. Taken Sept. 1919 from Fred Neidermeyer's airplane." Sadly, he adds that "Neidermeyer was killed in an airplane accident in the Spring of 1922." MU ID: mu:5218.
Mizzou at the Turn of the 20th Century (Collection)
Some of the photographs in this collection are from the University Archives online exhibit Y1.9K: Mizzou in 1900.
Remembering the Savitar: Our Grounds & Buildings
Welcome to the Savitar, the University of Missouri yearbook. "The Savitar," began publication in 1894, continuing its tradition through 2005. Within, the Savitar offers photographs of faculty, students, campus events, and extracurricular activities. Because the Savitar's tradition at the University survived over a century, interestingly, we are able to trace the evolution of campus and its facilities. This collection seeks to answer the question: "How did the University come to be?" Whether it be The Columns, Jesse Hall, or Memorial Union, The Savitar captures an inside perspective of the University's development, and its commentary on campus activities can help approach this question. Rome wasn't built in a day--and neither was Mizzou. But, over the century, the University has developed considerably, and hopefully this collection captures the fascinating timeline of such progress. Click any of the locations below to delve into Mizzou's past.
University of Missouri Sports Posters (Collection)
This collection consists of several sports publicity posters for University of Missouri Football coaches, teams, and players found in the University Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Coaches and players represented in the collection include Gwinn Henry, Don Faurot, Dan Devine, and Robert Steuber. Among the teams are the Big Six Champions of 1939, 1941, and 1942.