Vetusta Monumenta

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Catalogue of prints in the Vetusta Monumenta
A catalogue of prints for volumes 1-4 of the Vetusta Monumenta.
Vetusta Monumenta, Volume 1
The seven volumes are dated 1747, 1789, 1796, 1815, 1835, 1883 and 1906 (for the fourth part of vol.7). The plates for vol. 1 were published between 1718 and 1747; plates for vol. 2 were published between 1748 and 1789; plates for vol. 3 were published between 1790 and 1796; plates for vol. 4 were published between 1799 and 1815; plates for vol. 5 were published between 1816 and 1835; plates for vol. 6 were published between 1821 and 1885; plates for the four parts of vol. 7 were published between 1893 and 1906.
Vetusta Monumenta, Volume 5
Societas antiquariorum Londini sumptu suo edenda curavit.
Vetusta Monumenta, Volume 7
Part 1. The tomb of an archbishop recently opened in the cathedral church of Canterbury -- Part 2. The achievements of Edward, prince of Wales (The "Black Prince") in the cathedral church of Canterbury -- Part 3. The royal gold cup of the kings of France and England now preserved in the British Museum -- Part 4. The obituary roll of John Islip, abbot of Westminster, 1500-1532 : with notes on other English obituary rolls.