Missouriana Digital Text Collection

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Missouriana: Counties and Cities (Collection)
These documents detail information about states, cities, and counties. The histories of several Missouri counties are included in this collection, in addition to events of import in Missouri cities.
Missouriana: Geology (Collection)
This collection contains information about the geology, landscape, and natural resources of Missouri and the surrounding areas, focusing on the geology of various counties in Missouri.
Missouriana: History (Collection)
This collection contains a variety of documents detailing events in Missouri’s past. Topics include Missouri’s role in the Civil War, such as slavery, as a Border State, and battles fought; histories of Missouri counties; exploration; encyclopedias; and more.
Missouriana: Literature (Collection)
This collection of Missouriana contains novels, poetry, educational materials, and songs that take place in and around Missouri and/or have Missouri authors.