FAQ: Navigation and Viewing

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Q- Why is my content loading slowly?

A- Please be patient as file sizes and content are large. It is not necessarily your computer or your internet connection that is the issue. We suggest that you do not hit the refresh button as this will start the uploading process again from the beginning.

Q- What are the different ways in which I can search?

A- You can use the search option to search for items by author, title, subject, and full-text.

Q- What searching tips do you have?

A- The following search tips might be beneficial:

  • If you know the author and/or title, use Search terms on the left menu bar.
  • To search by author and title, select the + under the Search terms box before searching.
  • To limit your search results, filter by facets. Facets will show up after your initial search.
  • You can also browse by types of materials. Access this feature by selecting the Browse tab near the top of the page.