Betty Hutton singing in Hawaii
Paramount's Betty Hutton hide herself off to the Pacific Islands on an eight week entertainment barrage. She was assisted in her act by pretty Virginia Carroll, acrobatic dancer, Val Setz, comedy juggler, Arthur Herbert, guitarist and gag man, George Costs, guitarist, and Titto Guidotti, accordionist. The troupe entertained in Honolulu, Johnson Island, Saipan, Tinian, Guam, Antawarak, Namur, Tarawa, Gilbert Islands, the Marianas, Roi, and Majuro. Betty sings "His Rocking Horse Ran Away" for a group of GI's in Hawaii. The troupe covered the island entertaining on a portable stage (from photo caption)., No date; likely 1944, Digitizing agency: University of Missouri--Kansas City. Library. Dr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Special Collections.