Warren Durrett and his orchestra, with Marilyn Maye
Warren Durrett standing on stage at the Pla-Mor Ballroom in front of a microphone in a white suit with a bow tie. Seated to the right is singer Marilyn Maye in a dress, in front of a piano with a sign on it reading "Warren Durrett Orchestra." The band is seated behind stands in rows with their instruments in black suits and bow ties. In the back row: three trumpets. In the middle: three trombones, drums, and double bass (to the right, behind the piano). Front row: four saxophones, with additional instruments (bass clarinet, another saxophone, flute, two clarinets) next to the stands. Printed text in the border below the photo reads: "The Warren Durrett Orchestra.", No date; approximately 1949, Digitizing agency: University of Missouri--Kansas City. Library. Dr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Special Collections.