Inner City Dames
Kansas City social club, The Inter City Dames, posing for a photo outside the residence of Mrs. Nettie Gleed, 2322 Lydia, Kansas City, Missouri. The members are identified in "Your Kansas City and Mine" as (seated) Mrs. Gleed, Mrs. Maude Olden, Mrs. Callie Edwards, Mrs. Myrtle Cook, Mrs. R.T. Coles, Mrs. Susie V. Bolden; (second row) Mesdames Geneva Wiley, Phoenix, Lena Rivers Jordan (Leon Jordan's mother), Josephine Branch, Annis Garrett, Irene Fairfax, Daisy Day MacKnight, Minnie Crosthwaite; (third row) Mattie G. Hubbell, Nettie Westmoreland, Lena Fountain, Maggie Clay; (fourth row) Leana McCampbell, Rose Kenkins, Corrine Jenkins, G.B. Buster, Mable Reynolds; (fifth row) I.F. Bradley, Andrew Brent, Frankie Givens, T.C. Unthank, Lena Rhone; (sixth row): Sallie Love, Francis Trent, Ted Lee, Gertrude Huff, Eva Fox Evans, Sallie Dibble., 1925, Digitizing agency: University of Missouri--Kansas City. Library. Dr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Special Collections., Provenance of photo: Dr. Robert M. Farnsworth (research files), January 20, 2010. Three copies of various sizes: 1-10x8, 2-9x7.25, 3-10x8 (photocopy of image with overlay of photo information in bottom left); photo source: Your Kansas City and Mine (book).