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Transcription Laboratory of Damon Sound Service
Alice and Vic Damon, Sondra and Jon Steele, Lou and Betty (Peterson) Blasco, seated with Cash Box awards
Record cutting lathe at Municipal Auditorium
Damon Transcribing Facilities on the job
Vic Damon operating equipment
Ed Roche standing with recording/broadcasting equipment
The Steeles and Vic Damon, listening to hit record "My Happiness"
Vic Damon holding a 16" instantaneous-cut disc
Record pressing equipment
Record cutting lathes in PA room at Municipal Auditorium
New Bennie Moten Orchestra outside the Mutual Musicians Foundation
Fine broadcasting studios available for your recordings
Audio equipment in PA room at Municipal Auditorium
Vic Damon and unidentified man operating record cutting lathes
Damon and unidentified man driving "Sound Bug" in Kansas City parade
Ed Roche operating a reel-to-reel recorder
Vic Damon operating record cutting lathe