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LPC on stage looking at model
L. Perry Cookingham sitting next to Anita Gorman on stage
People at my 95th B/D in my old Office on 29th Floor CH
Richard Berkley, Anita Gorman, and L. Perry Cookingham stand in front of wheel barrow
Richard Berkley standing behind a microphone while L. Perry Cookingham signs a piece of paper
LPC - Mayor Berkley
Ilus Davis - LPC - P. Koontz - Berkley
Mayor Berkley, Anita Gorman, L. Perry Cookingham, Ollie Gates, and Carl DiCapo stand in front of church steps
L.P.C. thanking K.C. Mayor and council for honoring him
LPC & HWC being honored at council meeting
Mayor Berkley & LPC at plaque
Ground breaking for Northland Fountain
Three Mayors, two City Managers and Paul Koontz at City Hall Reception
Mayor Berkley Anita G & LPC
Mayor Berkley & LPC at Tom Watson demonstration
L. Perry Cookingham stands in front of stage at KC Zoo with Joan Embery
Dave Olson, Mayor Berkley, Bob Kipp, LPC, and Charles Wheeler stand posing for picture at Cookingham's 93rd birthday