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Portrait of L.E. Phillips, Jr., at Philip R. Phillips Memorial Exhibit
L.E. Phillips and Philip R. Phillips Memorial exhibit
Martha Jane Starr's wedding gown and veil at Woolaroc
John Philip Starr in Pioneer Gallery at Woolaroc
James Starr, Ellen Starr, John Philip Starr, and Barry Starr at Martha Jane Starr's Wedding exhibit at Woolaroc
Travel Air Transport Plane replica and Phillips 66 tanker
Unknown woman, James Starr, Barry Starr, Ellen Starr in Portrait Gallery at Woolaroc
Oil Brothers photo display at Woolaroc
"On the Road with Frank and L.E." visual exhibit at Woolaroc
Bank Exhibit of Frank Phillips at Woolaroc
Phillips 66 family tree exhibit
Phillips 66 Oil Service Station display at Woolaroc
James Starr, John Philip Starr, Ellen Starr, and Barry Starr at Martha Jane Starr wedding exhibition at Woolaroc
John Philip Starr, Barry Starr, James Starr, and Ellen Starr in Pioneer Gallery at Woolaroc
Wedding dress of Martha Jane Starr with Maid of Honor dress at Woolaroc
Martha Jane Starr wedding display at the Woolaroc Museum
"Humble Beginnings" photo display at Woolaroc
James Starr and John Philip Starr at Woolaroc