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Sherman Holmes, Evie Quarles, Wendell Holmes, and Dixon at the Grand Emporium
Frank "Iron Jaw" Oakley, L.C. Gant, and Dawayne Gilley at the Grand Emporium
Evie Quarles and Carey Bell
Evie Quarles and Miss Honey Piazza
Jay McShann and Evie Quarles at the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Fest
Rod Piazza, Evie Quarles, and Miss Honey Piazza
Evie Quarles and Myra Taylor at Washington Park in Kansas City, MO
Evie Quarles and Bobby Rush at the Thanksgiving Blues Breakfast in Kansas City, KS
Taj Mahal and Evie Quarles at the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise
Pinetop Perkins and Evie Quarles at the All Star Blues Jam