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Parks & Recreation officials
Exterior south side of Combs Memorial Chapel and sign
After the service outside chapel
Robert and Debby Kipp pose with L. Perry Cookingham in church
Robert Kipp, L. Perry Cookingham, and Dave Olson stand in front of step to church
Ann Bickert poses next to L. Perry Cookingham outside steps to chapel
LPC - Mayor Berkley
Mayor Berkley, Anita Gorman, L. Perry Cookingham, Ollie Gates, and Carl DiCapo stand in front of church steps
Combs Chapel
Bill Deramus, L. Perry Cookingham, and Al Mauro stand in church
Inside Combs chapel
LPC & Dave Olson Two City managers
Ilus & Bea Davis pose with LPC in church
LPC and "Joe" Curran pose for picture in church
Mike, Lek, L. Perry Cookingham, and Colleen Leavengood pose for picture
Charles Curran and L. Perry Cookingham pose in church
Eve & Clark pose with L. Perry Cookingham
"Sandy" Berkley and L. Perry Cookingham stand in church
Bob Kipp - LPC
Carolyn Foxworthy and L. Perry Cookingham pose outside church