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Transcription Laboratory of Damon Sound Service
Damon Transcribing Facilities on the job
Group photo of a recording session
Jimmy Cheatham and others during a recording session
Vic Damon operating equipment
Ed Roche standing with recording/broadcasting equipment
Vic Damon holding a 16" instantaneous-cut disc
Vic Damon and unidentified man operating record cutting lathes
Matt Pittman, Danny Campbell, Marlin Bonds, Ahmad Alaadeen, and Matt Kane during a recording session
Ahmad Alaadeen, Will Matthews and Tyrone Clark get a microphone adjustment in Skopje
Ed Roche operating a reel-to-reel recorder
Smoking sound engineer at a bar
Sound man, George McElwain, at work during the Joaquin Miller broadcast
photograph from above over the entire Hyatt room where the JC Penney Bridal Show was held
Vic Damon operating record cutting lathe
Jeannie Cheatham seated with a sound engineer