St. Louis Globe-Democrat Photographs: General Subjects

Here can be found photographs of subjects not related specifically to St. Louis, that the Globe-Democrat covered. For photographs of people please consult the St. Louis Globle Democrat Photographs - People collection.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


A Line of Westinghouse Motor Generators
A line of Westinghouse motor generators that generate 230 volts of direct current with which the presses and paper reels are operated.
A Newsboy
A newsboy.
A Penthouse On the Globe-Democrat Roof
This is on the south side of the building and houses the motor generator set and the electrical equipment necessary for the operation of two Westinghouse elevators. In it also is a fan used for exhausting fumes from the engraving and photographic departments.
A Teletype Machine
A teletype machine.
A Ticker From the Chicago Stock Exchange
The fluctuations of the market are recorded on the moving tape supply the financial department of the Globe-Democrat with the information that is embodied in its stock market tables daily.
Batting 1,000
Marvin Marcus, right, collects his prize as the first winner of a 25-inch Sylvania console color television set awarded in the Globe-Democrat/Talk Radio 63 KXOK's World Series Trivia Contest. With Marcus are, from left, Ron Janecke, associate editor of The Globe-Democrat, and Joe Farhatt Jr. and Steve Mizerany of The New Deal. Contest questions can be heard on KXOK from 7 to 9 a.m. and from 4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Listeners who call the radio station with correct answers will automatically win an official 1984 World Series program. Callers lucky enough to hear the Globe's bonus bell and answer a second question correctly will join Marcus as winners of a new 25-inch Sylvania color console TV with 112 channel capability.
Car Phone
Photograph of a car phone from CyberTel.
Cornerstone With Globe-Democrat Newspaper
Mr. and Mrs. M. Myron Hochman examine 1926 Globe-Democrat, recovered from DeMun school cornerstone.
Courier-Post Newspapers
Unknown location of the Courier-Post Newspapers building. There is quite a crowd outside of it.
Cover of Daily Missouri Democrat Newspaper
Cover of the Daily Missouri Democrat newspaper from 1857.
Cover of Globe-Democrat Newspaper
Negative-printed copy of the cover of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper from January 21, 1981.
Cover of Globe-Democrat Newspaper
Cover of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper from 1875.
Cover of Missouri Reporter Newspaper
Cover of Missouri Reporter Newspaper from 1846.
Cover of St. Louis Daily Globe Newspaper
Cover of the St. Louis Daily Globe Newspaper from 1872.
Cover of St. Louis Daily Union Newspaper
Cover of the St. Louis Daily Union newspaper from 1846.
Cover of the Missouri Argus Newspaper
Cover of the Missouri Argus Newspaper from 1837.
Cutting Out Sheets For the Newspaper
Man is cutting out sheets for the newspapers.
Famous Names Contest Entries
These well known St. Louisans are up to their necks in the task of examining some of the thousands of entries in the Globe-Democrat's "Famous Names" contest. They will certify the winning entries within a few days. They are, left to right: Frank C. Hamilton, president of the the St. Louis Advertising Club; Thomas N. Dysart, president of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce; James J. Fitzgerald, president of the Board of Education; Mayor Dickmann, and Nelson R. Darragh, president of the Better Business Bureau.
Fashion and Feature Editor
Fashion and feature editor Jeanne Contini of New York turns out a full page every day. All dressed up, she has come back from a social function to write it up.
Fatso Reunion Weight Check
Larry Fields (Lower Right) checks Lee Coffee's Weight. Others at Fatso Reunion (from left): Bob Protzel, Henry Yehlen, Rev. Marc Zill, and Vernon Bader.
Flight Attendant at Trans World Airlines
A Flight Attendant at Trans World Airlines feeds a passenger's baby.
For Its Patriotic Contribution
For its patriotic contribution to the war effort in obtaining the enlistment of recruits for service in the construction battalions of the navy, popularly known as Seabees, the Globe-Democrat has been presented with this award of merit.
Globe Building Damaged by Lightning
R. E. McLain, building engineer inspecting corner of building that was hit by lightning.
Globe-Democrat Rolls on Wood Tires
Steel-rimmed wooden truck tires and steel-rimmed wagon wheels rolled into service yesterday at the loading platform at 1133 Franklin avenue when the Globe-democrat inaugurated a new system of delivery to solve the rubber tire shortage. The vehicles are loaded with magazines for today's editions of the Globe-Democrat.
Greatest Newspaper West of the Alleghenies
(1949) The Globe and Democrat (arrow) had just joined to publish the "greatest newspaper west of the Alleghenies" in 1875. Atop building on the left is a gigantic beaver, popular those days, advertising Keevil the Hatter. (1960) The Globe and Democrat had just joined to publish the "greatest newspaper west of the Alleghenies" in 1875 when this photo was made, looking north on Fourth and Pine. The four-story building(arrow) was the publishing plant and offices across the street was Keevil the Hatter who advertised his merchandise by hoisting a gigantic beaver atop his building. (1962) Fourth and Pine looking north on Fourth. The Globe joined the Missouri Democrat to itself in 1875 and shortly published the "greatest newspaper west of the Alleghenies" in the four-story building on the extreme right. Across the street were Keevil the Hatter (William H. Keevil) who advertised his merchandise by hoisting a gigantic beaver atop his roof. Hatters did an immense and elegant trade in the st. Louis of the 1870s, with many more establishments listed in the directory probably then at present. Next door to Keevil's, at the extreme left, was Charles E Mussey's Billard Parlor, one of the three listed in the 1878 directory. The Globe-Democrat Building is still standing (occupied by Mutual Insurors) but the busy click-clack of Mussey's Billard Parlor and the noisy merchandising at Keevil's has given way to the calm... of the Mississippi Valley Trust Company.
High School Athletes of the Year
The Globe-Democrat's spring High School Athlete of the Year pose with their coaches at an awards ceremony Wednesday night at Stan Musial and Biggie's Restaurant. From the left are Lebanon's Craig Virgin, track, and his coach, Hank Feldt, and Lafayette's Mike Umfleet, baseball, and his coach, Bob Swift.
How to Use the Newspaper in the School Curriculum
Good citizenship starts with the regular reading of a responsible newspaper.
Interview at Farmington State Hospital
Wilma Foreman talking to the Globe-Democrat at the Farmington State Hospital. Fred O. McDaniel, superintendent of the hospital, is at the right.


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