M-378: Eugene A. Atwater St. Louis Tornado Photographs

This collection consists of four photographs which document the damage inflicted by the 1896 tornado which hit Saint Louis, Missouri on May 27, 1896. Although the date listed on each of the photographs is consistent with the date of the storm, the photographs may have been taken at a later date. Other photographs documenting the storm damage show a greater amount of debris than is visible in this collection. These photographs were taken by St. Louis photographer Eugene A. Atwater. Two of the photographs document the damage on Lafayette Avenue and Mississippi Avenue in what is today St. Louis’ Lafayette Square neighborhood.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
Cyclone View, May 27, 1896
An elevated view of an alley, as well as several destroyed buildings, residential properties, and a church in a St. Louis neighborhood after a tornado hit on May 27,1896.
Cyclone View, May 27, 1896
Large, multi-story building destroyed in the May 27, 1896 tornado which hit St. Louis, Missouri.
Cyclone View, May 27, 1896
Street view of destroyed buildings, debris and bystanders in the aftermath of a tornado which hit St. Louis' Lafayette Square neighborhood on May, 27,1896.
Cyclone View, May 27,1896
The debris and structural damage of a barn, building, and wagon caused by a tornado on May 27,1896 in St. Louis, Missouri,

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