P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Prints

This part of the Ruth Ferris Collection contains prints, mostly lithographs taken from illustrated periodicals in the 19th century.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
Green River packet "Chaperon"
Embarkation of the Ninth Missouri Regiment
Embarkation of the Ninth Missouri Regiment, Colonel Kelton, at St. Louis, for Lexington. - Sketched by Alexander Simplot. - [See page 658.]
Government Snagboat No. 2
Government snag-boat removing obstructions from the channel of a western river. - Drawn by Schell and Hogan. - [See page 870.]
J. M. White
J. M. White, Hal Henderson sketch. Proof from cut of drawing used on cover of "Steamboat, Art, Decoration and Elegance" by Ruth Ferris.
Landing of the Seventh and Twelth Regiments
Landing of the Seventh and Twelth Regiments at Cario, June 4, 1861.-Sketched by Mr. A. Simplot.-[See Page 410.]
Up the Hudson
Illustration of passengers on a steamboat working up the Hudson River.

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