P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Prints

This part of the Ruth Ferris Collection contains prints, mostly lithographs taken from illustrated periodicals in the 19th century.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
A Trip on the Atchafalaya River
1. Entrance to Atchafalaya River. 2. A "Swamper's" house on the Atchafalaya. 3. A Swamper. 4. Steamer running the rapids of the Atchafalaya. 5. Red River Landing. 6. Castle on the Atchafalaya. 7. Little Whiskey Bayou. 8. A Swamper's garden (in a Canoe). 9. The ash cabin, Atchafalaya. 10. Map showing changes in the Mississippi's current.
St. Louis Riverfront
View of the bridge now building across the Mississippi at St. Louis. - Sketched from the shot-tower by Robert P. Mallory. (See page 30).
The Floods at St. Louis
The floods at St. Louis - working on the levee at night.-Drawn by Charles Graham.-[See page 423.]

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