M-322: Dr. Allen B. and Helen S. Shopmaker American Political Collection

The Shopmaker Collection contains over three thousand items ranging from a George Washington token dated 1789 to buttons and textiles endorsing candidates in the 2008 election. The variety of objects reflects the changing tastes of the American public and the available production technologies, ranging from 19th century brass jewelry and clothing buttons embossed with candidate's names and party symbols to today's modern, mass-produced buttons, and from porcelain plates embellished with a portrait of First Lady Helen Taft to Nancy Reagan paper dolls. With artifacts representing nearly every American election, the Shopmaker Collection provides the viewer with a broad look at how candidates have used images, slogans and symbols to woo the public, and how the public has expressed its own, often outspoken, opinions on both individuals and issues.
St. Louis Mercantile Library Art Museum
Democratic National Convention Guest Ticket
Guest admission ticket for the 1952 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. The front of the ticket has a sketch of former President Thomas Jefferson with a quote reading "The last hope of human liberty in this world rests with us." The opposite side of the ticket has the Great Seal of the United States.
Democratic National Convention, Active Press Ticket
Green admission ticket reading "Democratic National Convention New York, June 24th Active Press." There is an oval portrait of former President Thomas Jefferson flanked by branches on the left side of the ticket and the United States Capitol in the center. The back of the ticket has the seal of New York State.
Democratic National Convention, Delegate Ribbon
Red, white, and blue striped ribbon with ribbon badge depicting an American Eagle sitting atop a banner flanked by two American flags. The banner reads "Delegate Democratic National Convention 1964." A medal hanging from the ribbon reads "Atlantic City" and depicts the facade of Boardwalk Hall. Beneath the image is a large star surrounded by an airplace in flight and a cart from the Atlantic City boardwalk.
Democratic National Convention, Guest's Ticket
Admission ticket reading "1916 Democratic National Convention Guest's Ticket." Sketched images of the United States Captiol Building and the Saint Louis, Missouri riverfront and bridges are shown flanking a sketch of former President Thomas Jefferson. On the opposite side of the ticket is a sketched image of King Louis IX, namesake of Saint Louis, on horseback.
Democratic National Convention, Messenger Ticket
Admission ticket reading "Messenger Democratic National Convention." The ticket has a place to fill in the recipient's name, as well as a depiction of former President Thomas Jefferson. The opposite side of the ticket shows a sketched image of King Louis IX, namesake of Saint Louis, on horseback.
GOP National Convention Ribbon
White ribbon with golden ribbon badge reading "Illinois" in blue text. The ribbon reads "1960 GOP National Convention, Chicago, Illinois," also in blue text. The circular medal hanging from the ribbon depicts a profile image of former President Abraham Lincoln.
Messenger Ribbon
Ribbon with ribbon badge reading "Messenger." The medal hanging from the ribbon has an oval image of the Missouri state capital building surrounded by the words "Democratic National Convention St. Louis." Beneath the image is the American eagle standing on a shield flanked by laurel branches.
Republican State Convention Coin
Circular medal with oval portraits of presidential candidate William McKinley and vice presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt. Above the portraits is an American eagle with wings spread. Below the portraits is a shield with flag motif surrounded by the words "Aug. 8th 1900." The border of the medal reads "Republican State Convention Milwaukee, Wisconsin," while the opposite side depicts part of the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin.
Republican State Convention, Delegate Ribbon
Convention button with an image of presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt. The red, white, and blue ribbon hanging from the button reads "Delegate, Republican State Convention, Jefferson City, MO, June 24, 1902."
Young Men's National Whig Convention of Ratification Ribbon
Silk ribbon printed in black text reading "Young Men's National Whig Convention of Ratification" above an image of the American eagle seated on the shield emblem of the United States that is laid over tools and industrial implements while the eagle holds in its beak a ribbon reading "Protection", referring to Clay's belief in tariffs as protection for American manufactring industries. Below this are the words "Henry Clay" above a black and white portrait of Clay; beneath the portrait are the words "Mind Your Business", again referring to Clay's platform; below these words is a color image of a farmer behind a plow pulled by one white and one grey horse with a large white house flanked by trees in the distance. Below the farm image are the words "The Ashland Farm" referring to the Clay home in Lexington, Kentucky. The ribbon is dated "Baltimore, May 2d 1844. Lith. by E. Weber & Co. Balto." Clay had been selected as the Whig party candidate for president at the convention in Baltimore on May 1, 1844.

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