M-322: Dr. Allen B. and Helen S. Shopmaker American Political Collection

The Shopmaker Collection contains over three thousand items ranging from a George Washington token dated 1789 to buttons and textiles endorsing candidates in the 2008 election. The variety of objects reflects the changing tastes of the American public and the available production technologies, ranging from 19th century brass jewelry and clothing buttons embossed with candidate's names and party symbols to today's modern, mass-produced buttons, and from porcelain plates embellished with a portrait of First Lady Helen Taft to Nancy Reagan paper dolls. With artifacts representing nearly every American election, the Shopmaker Collection provides the viewer with a broad look at how candidates have used images, slogans and symbols to woo the public, and how the public has expressed its own, often outspoken, opinions on both individuals and issues.
St. Louis Mercantile Library Art Museum


McCarthy for President Flyer
Flyer composed of a picture of then presidential candidate George McCarthy looking left. To his right is a picture of people with "McCarthy for President" signs. Above these photos in white print "McCarthy for President, courage...integrity...honor" is written. On the back of the flier there is a photo of McCarthy looking out of a window. To his right, there are quotes by him, as well as information about McCarthy. Below the picture of McCarthy it reads "Eugene McCarthy is the Man for President" and lists his accomplishments.
McGovern/Shriver '72 Bumper Sticker
Blue bumper sticker with white print reading "McGovern/Shriver '72". Created by the "McGovern for President Committee".
McKinley Portrait Button
1 and 1/4-inch round, pin back button with black and white portrait of William McKinley framed by a gold scroll and the American flag in the background. Button has a paper label on reverse for Allied Printing Trades Council 3, Newark, and Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark.
McKinley Portrait Button (Small)
7/8-inch round, pin back button with black and white portrait of William McKinley framed by a gold scroll and the American flag in the background. Button has a paper label on reverse for National Equipment Co., New York and the Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, with multiple patent dates.
McKinley and Hobart Ribbon
Yellow ribbon with black text reading "McKinley and Hobart and the whole Republican Ticket." Beneath this is a portrait of congressional candidate Thomas S. Butler. The bottom of the ribbon reads "Thomas S. Butler and Better Times."
McKinley and Roosevelt Jugate, Blue Button
7/8-inch round, pin back button with black and white portrait jugate of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt framed by a golden scroll on a dark blue background. Button has paper label on reverse for Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark and Allied Printing Trades Council 3, Newark.
McKinley and Roosevelt, Jugate Button
7/8-inch round, pin back button with black and white portraits of McKinley and Roosevelt in oval frames over an American flag with a gold background. Button has paper label on reverse for Baldwin and Gleason Co., Ltd, New York.
Member Roosevelt Memorial Ass'n Button
5/8-inch round pin back button with black text on white background. Button back has paper label on reverse for St. Louis Button Co., St Louis and Allied Printing Trades Council, St. Louis.
Messenger Ribbon
Ribbon with ribbon badge reading "Messenger." The medal hanging from the ribbon has an oval image of the Missouri state capital building surrounded by the words "Democratic National Convention St. Louis." Beneath the image is the American eagle standing on a shield flanked by laurel branches.
Missouri First Voters, Taft League Button
1-inch round, pin back button with color portrait of William H. Taft against a blue and beige background. The words "Missouri First Voters Taft League" are arched over his head in black. Button has paper label on reverse for Bastian Bros. Co., Rochester, NY.
Mrs Gen Grant Carte-de-Viste
Sepia photograph of Mrs. Gen. Grant. Image is of her seated looking towards her right. On back it reads "Mrs gen grant"
Mrs. Julia Dent Grant Photograph
Photograph is of Mrs. Julia Dent Grant. She is looking to her left in photograph. On the back "Mrs. Grant" is written in pencil across the top, with "Julia Dent Grant" written below. In the center there is the logo for G. Cramer. The logo has two cherubs around a stylized GC. Below it the address, "1001 South Fifth Street, Cor. of Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, Mo" is printed.
My Papa Will Vote for McKinley Paper Tag
White paper tag with black text reading "My Papa will Vote for McKinley" and "Gold Standard, Protection, Reciprocity, and Good Times." A burgandy ribbon is looped through one end of the paper.
NBC News Election Year '68 Badge
Textile badge with a waving American flag in the center. Above in black print it reads "NBC News Election Year '68" and below the flag it reads "Election Reporter".
Nixon's The One Bumper Sticker
White bumper sticker with red print saying "Nixon's the one!" Produced by the "Information Committee for Nixon".
No Foreign Alliance, No Trusts, No Imperialism for U.S. Button
White button with blue text reading "No foreign alliance", "No trusts", "No imperialsim for U.S." These slogans are in reference to presidential candidiate William Jennings Bryan's attack on presidential candidate William McKinley, declaring that McKinley promoted imperialism.
North Dakota, The Roosevelt Cabin Button
1 and1/4-inch round, pin back button with image of a wooden cabin on an off-white background.
November For Our President Tie-Tack
1/2-inch by 5/8-inch sterling silver, screw back, tie-tack style pin with low relief profile portrait of Eugene W. Chafin, Prohibition Party candidate for president in 1908 and 1912. The portrait is flanked on either side by a column, and the words "November For Our President" are above and below the portrait.
One Vote, Barry Goldwater Coupon
This flyer is white with a decorative blue border on the front. An emblem showing an eagle with a quill in its mouth is in the center. the logo for the "National Federation of Republican Women". In front of the emblem it reads "This coupon is good for, one vote, (yours), on November 3rd". The text is blue except for "one vote, (yours)", which is red. Below this "For free transprtation to the polls or baby-sitting help while you vote} CALL" is printed. On the back of the flier "a vote for Barry Goldwater is a vote" is printed, with "vote for Barry Goldwater" printed in red and "a" and "is a vote" printed in blue. Beneath this "for" is printed in red and below it is a list printed in blue. Below this list "against" is printed in red with a list printed below it in blue. At the bottom of the page is a red box with the logo for the "National Federation of Republican Women" and their mailing address, "1625 Eye Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20006".
Our Choice Button
1 and 1/4-inch round, pin back button with black and white portrait of Theodore Roosevelt and Charles Fairbanks over American flag.
Our Country is a Key to a Nixon Victory Door Hanger
White paper door hanger in the shape of a key. In blue print "Our country is a KEY to a" is written and "Nixon Victory" is printed in red. At the bottom of the key there is information about polling places and assistance to get to them printed in red. This hanger was printed by "The California Committee for the Re-election of the President".
Our President Button
7/8-inch round, pin back button with black and white portrait of Theodore Roosevelt with a gold border, red and white stripes to the left and right, and four stars on blue above and below the image. Button has paper label on reverse for Scruggs, Vandervoort & Barney, St. Louis.
Our Senior Citizen McGovern Print Ad
Print advertisement for presidential candidate George McGovern paid for by "Mercer County Citizens for McGovern". Advertisement contains quotes from Gorge McGovern under bolded headers reading "Increase Social Security", "Reduce Property Taxes", "Improve Health Care", and "Expand Housing". The bottom of the page is covered in a black band with George McGovern's picture in the middle. To the left of his picture, "Make America Happen Again" is printed in white. To the right of his picture "George, McGovern, For President, The Man To, Vote For ON, June 6th." is printed in white.
Patriotism Protection Prosperity Medal
Red, white, and blue ribbon with golden ribbon badge reading "Souvenir." The ribbon reads "Patriotism Protection Prosperity" in gold lettering. The medal hanging from the ribbon depicts a profiled portrait of presidential candidate William McKinley with the text "Protection '96 William McKinley." The back of the medal depicts a landscape with the sun behind a mountain range. In the foreground there is a bundle of wheat and a bundle of arrows in an open field. Surrounding the scene are the words "St. Louis Convention June 16, 1896."
Pierson Letter
Letter from Isaac Pierson, of Ramapo, New York, to brother Jeremiah Halsey Pierson. The letter discusses the 1801 election deadlock between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. Jefferson and Burr had each recieved 73 electoral votes in the 1801 election and thus the House of Representatives had to vote to determine the next president. At the time the letter was written, Isaac Pierson believed the vote was taken "31 times" and the results were the same, with no majority. At the time the letter was written, Thomas Jefferson had won the presidency after Delaware abstained from voting in the 36th round of voting to take place in the House of Representatives on February 17, 1801.
Platform for the People Brochure
White paper brochure with blue cover. "Platform for the People" is printed in white on the front and below is a quote describing the "1960 Democratic Platform". The inside of the pamphlet covers the platform of the Democratic party. The back has a black and white photograph of then presidential candidate John F. Kennedy and vice presidential candidate Lyndon B. Johnson. Below in blue "Leadership for the Sixties" is printed. This pamphlet was produced by "The Democratic National Committee" at "1001 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington 6, D.C."
Political Developments of 1864
Article in "Harper's Weekly" depicting "Political Developments Of 1864". On page "667" The happenings of "August 1864" are recorded. A large portion is dedicated to the "Democratic National Convention" and then governor of New York Horatio "Seymour". On page "668" there is a cartoon depiction of "Soldiers Voting for President" at an army camp, with soldiers seen in a line leading up to a table covered in an American flag. The paragraphs below describe former General George B. "McClellan's" selection as the Democratic nominee for president in 1864.
Portrait of Theodore Roosevelt With Eagle on Gold Button
1 and 1/8-inch round pin back button with black and white portrait of Theodore Roosevelt framed by a white circle with an eagle overhead and two American flags below. Button has paper back label with St. Louis Button Co., St. Louis and Allied Printing Trades Council, Newark.


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