Gustav F. Goetsch and Hazel W. Goetsch Collection

The Gustav F. Goetsch and Hazel W. Goetsch Collection includes etchings, drawings, watercolors, and etching plates donated by their son along with archival materials related to their careers as artists. Gustav F. Goetsch was an artist and art educator in Minneapolis, Minnesota and St. Louis. Hazel Goetsch's career was primarily in St. Louis. Currently, the etchings have been digitized. The subjects include landscapes of St. Louis, Minneapolis, and surrounding regions, including scenes of Washington University in St. Louis.
St. Louis Mercantile Library Art Museum


Breweries on the River
A view of a river in the foreground and breweries in the background.
Flour Mills in Minneapolis Minn
A depiction of flour mills, smokestacks, and buildings with people in the foreground.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
A bust-length portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt smiling.
Hormel Packing Co.
A landscape view of an industrial building with grass and trees in the foreground.
Little Gloucester Harbor
A depiction of a body of water lined with boats on a harbor.
Little Slip
A view of a boat on shore surrounded by houses and other boats in the distance.
Marblehead Harbor
A view of boats on a body of water with one boat in the foreground that has a figure on board.
Marblehead Harbor Mass
A view of boats on a body of water with a harbor in the background lined with buildings.
Marblehead Harbor Mass (Plate 42I)
A view of boats on a body of water with a harbor in the background lined with buildings.
Mcmillan Hall, Washington University
A depiction of people walking on a path toward an entry way that is covered in vines.
Milling District
A view of buildings and smokestacks along a bridge and body of water.
Minnehaha Falls, Mpls
A landscape with a view of a lake through the clearing of two silhouetted oak trees.
Minnesota River-Mandota
A landscape view overlooking houses, trees, and a river.
Miss W.
A full-length portrait of a woman sitting in a chair.
Miss X
An oval head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman.
New York City
A scene of New York City's buildings overlooking a body of water that is filled with barges and boats.
Nicolet Island Mpls
A depiction of two figures working in a area surrounded by barrels, buildings, and power lines with a silhouetted building in the background.
Notre Dame Paris, France
Notre Dame cathedral is silhouetted against the sky. There are people in the foreground by the river and bridge.
On the Harlem River
A view of a boat looking onto a body of water with buildings and boats in the distance.
On the Mississippi River
A landscape with a dark tree in the foregoround.
On the St. Lawrence
A landscape with a view of trees in the foreground and a body of water in the distance lined with trees.
A self-portrait of Gustav Goetsch wearing a skull cap and glasses.
Self-Portrait 1928
An oval head-and-shoulder self-portrait of Gustav Goetsch.
Telephone Building, St. Louis
A view from stairs looking at city life, buildings, a flag pole, and the street.
Ten Pound Island, Gloucester-Mass
A view of an island filled with buildings and surrounded by boats in water, with seagulls overhead.
The Artist
A depiction of an artist working by a washed up boat on the shore with other boats in the distance in a body of water.
The Blacksmith Shop
A view of a blacksmith shop with a figure at the rear and a horse in a stall.
The Gossips
A view of two silhouetted figures speaking to each other in a darkened workspace.


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