M-111 Series 2: Other Pamphlets

The bequest of Peck's Library must have been a great boon to the Mercantile in the 1850's, a time of rapid growth and collection development. The Reference Librarian of the Mercantile Library of 1940 and 1950, Elizabeth Tindell, and Elizabeth Kirchner, Head Librarian from 1965-1986, both have recently commented, on being interviewed, that various bound pamphlet volumes were almost entirely composed of Peck-owned titles. These materials were examined in the process of constructing this list of Other Pamphlets. Many of these materials fall within date ranges and possess remnants of trimmed or complete, untrimmed Peck signatures and other inscriptions, as well as previous pamphlet numbering marks in what reasonably appear to be Peck's hand. These materials, as Appendix 1 materials, await full bibliographic description and comparison studies for further verification of provenance, but have been included based on internal C1 evidence and careful hypothesis, now, as part of the original Peck bequest. Each is arranged alphabetically by the first important word of the title or creating organization and numbered consecutively. This number is carried over to the first leaf of text (verso) and the non-acidic enclosure are housed in boxed groupings. These pamphlets were bound with a few non-Peck related items (i.e. those dated after 1858 have been removed; these had been added at binding for their related content, obviously.)
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


"The Rejected Packet" of the St. Louis (Mo.) Repeal Association
A collection of documents on the subject of slavery in the United States.
A Circular Letter to the Churches Under the Care of the Synod of Missouri
Written in Obedience to a Resolution of Synod. Passed At Its Meeting in April 1842
A Description of Grand Tower, on the Mississippi
A in-depth description of the region of Grand Tower, Illinois, in the Mississippi Valley.
A Discourse on the Bottle, Its Evils, and the Remedy
A Vindication of the Liquor Seller and the Liquor Drinker, From Certain Aspersions Cast Upon Them By Many. Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church.
A Discourse on the Medical Police of the City of New York
Observations on Febrile Contagion, and on the Means of Improving the Medical Police of the City of New York. Delivered as an Introductory Discourse, in the Hall of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
A Lecture Delivered Before the Mercantile Library Association of San Francisco
On the Influence of Great Cities, in Musical Hall, June 16th, 1854, by Rev. Dr. Scott, of New Orleans
A Lecture; Delivered in the Musical Fund Hall
Summary on cover: "Dr. Berg's Answer To The Lecture Of Archbishop Hughes On The Decline of Protestantism."
A Letter From Hon. John S. Phelps
To Citizens of Arkansas in Relation to a Pacific Railroad
A List of Titles of the Acts Passed at the Adjouned Session of the Eighteenth General Assembly
Includes a comprehensive list of 770 acts as of the adjournment of the 18th Session of the Missouri General Assembly.
A Narrative of Some Recent Occurances in the Church of the Puritans, New York; With Documents Relating Thereto
A compilation of documents regarding disagreements and controversies in the Puritan Church.
A Reply to Mr A. Campbell's M. Harbinger, Extra, On Remission of Sins, Etc.
A public discussion of the importance of physical religious practices such as baptism.
A Review of the Lectures of the Relative Strength of Catholicity and Protestantism
Delivered in the City of St. Louis, Jan. 17th and 19th, by a Catholic Layman
A Sermon, Preached Before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the United States
A sermon on the status of the church and its obligations to society at large at the time of publication.
A Sermon, Preached in the First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, Missouri, on the First Sabbath of 1839
Described within as a "Historical Account of the Temporal Spiritual Interests of the First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, from its organization to the present period."
A Statistical View of the State of Illinois
To Which is Appended an Article Upon the City of Chicago
A Treatise on Wire Fencing
Unquestionably Proving Its Superiority to Any Article Heretofore Used, for Enclosing Railroads, Canals, Fields, Cattle Pastures, Gardens, Cemeteries, Heneries, and for Ornamental Garden Work, Grape and Rose Trellises, etc. Dedicated to Agriculturalists
A Vindication of the Order of the Sons of Temperance
A Conversation in Which the Order of the Sons of Temperance is Defended


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