M-171: St. Louis Views and Images

The St. Louis Views and Images Collection visually documents the history of St. Louis though various printed media--photographs, lithographs, engravings, illustrated newspaper tear sheets from Leslie's and Harper's, maps, postcards, advertisements, broadsides, and posters, as well as some original drawings. The materials provide images of St. Louis from the 1760s to the 1970s, however the largest amount of material in the collection dates from the nineteenth century. The physical collection is made up of six series, divided according to medium and then arranged chronologically within the series. Materials added after initial sorting are out of sequence. The series include (1) Publications, (2) Photographs and Prints, (3) Postcards, (4) Edward Thias Drawings, (5) Advertising, and (6) Broadsides & Posters. There is an additional series of various boxes of materials. An inventory of the different series can be found in the collection's finding aid.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


1. Hidden St. Louis Views Images
This collection has all the images that are uncataloged that will later be migrated into the viewable folder.
1904 World's Fair Flight Cage at the St. Louis Zoo
View of the 1904 World's Fair Flight Cage at the St. Louis Zoo from Washington Street in Forest Park. A low wall around the perimeter of the Zoo provided a generous view of the immense aviary for people and cars which passed on the street.
20th Annual Fair Association Show
20th annual show of the St. Louis Fair Association. Shows the Agricultural Hall, Art Hall, The Cascade, and the Main Entrance.
A Sunday Service in St. Louis
Image from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on April 15, 1882. The image of a revivalist preaching on the levee in St. Louis was based on a sketch by Charles Upham.
Advertisements and Illustrations from Puck
Advertisements and accompanying illustrations from a page in Puck. The text is in German.
Annual Visit of the Vailed Prophets to St. Louis
Drawing of the procession of the annual Veiled Prophet Parade at St. Louis. Shows the tableau of the Egyptian Summer.
Art Museum, Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri
A view of the St. Louis Art Museum in Forest Park from Art Hill. The St. Louis Art Museum was originally designed by Cass Gilbert and David Chipperfield and built as the Palace of Fine Arts for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, the 1904 World's Fair. Directly in front of the Art Museum is a statue called The Apotheosis of St. Louis, a likeness of King Louis IX of France who is the patron saint of the city.
Battery "A" Armory, St. Louis, Mo.
Battery A Armory on Grand at Rutger. Operated by the Missouri National Guard.
Bernard F. Dickmann Mayoral Address
An advertisement including a "Welcome" address to travelers from St. Louis mayor Bernard F. Dickmann. Mayor Dickmann served as a Democratic mayor for the city of St. Louis from 1933-1941.
Boat house at O'Fallon Park
This image is a view of the Boat House at O'Fallon park, looking west from the pond. The Boat House is an icon within the park and is a large multi-level structure used for recreation. The park covers 159 acres northwest of the downtown area in St. Louis, Missouri.
Burning of the steamboats "Grand Republic" and "Carondelet" at St. Louis, September 19
This lithograph illustrated the destruction of the steamboats "Grand Republic" and "Carondelet" from September 19, 1877 when the steamboats caught fire and burned to the shore. The boats were shown shrouded in smoke and engulfed in flames as men rushed back and forth along the shore in an attempt to extinguish the fire.
Competitive Design for the Missouri Building, 1904 World's Fair
A competitive design submission for the Missouri Building planned for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis. The design was submitted by architect Isaac S. Taylor and the illustration was printed as no. 857 on May 28,1892 in American Architect and Building News.
Corticelli Float
An image depicting portraits of C. H. Sampson, C. C, Rainwater, Col J. G. Prather, John W. M'Cullagh, Joseph J. Kreher, and V. O. Saunders. There is also an image of the Nonotuck Silk Company's Corticelli Float.
Das Schwabenfest in St. Louis
Front page of Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung (Illustrated Newspaper) No. 1416 Vol. 55 from the 20th of September, 1884. There are illustrations of events from the Swabian Festival in St. Louis on the 31st of August and the 1st of September. There is also a passage from the book titled "Die Erbin von Saldern" ("The Heiress of Saldern") by Ewald August König above the illustrations. The events depicted are the seven Swabians on the hunt for a rabbit, the start of the water-carrying race, and a depiction of the journey of the Swabians across the Black Forest.
Das Sängerfest in St. Louis, Mo.
Front Page of Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung from the 13th of July, 1872, depicting a concert hall and its auditorium where a singing festival was held. The caption below the auditorium specifically mentions the reception concert. The illustrations were done by Joseph Ferdinand Keppler. The text is from "Herrn Mahlhuber's Reiseabenteuer" by Friedrich Gestäcker (Gestaecker).
Dinner Bill of Fare
This dinner bill of fare is a list of dishes offered for the passengers traveling on the Saint Louis and New Orleans steamboat on February 15, 1857. The steamboat was commanded by John N. Bofinger. The menu includes a list of soup, boiled and roasted dishes, cold dishes, entrees, relishes, and desserts, as well as a list of wines available to the passengers. Also includes a timetable of steamboat and railroad departures.
Fleet demonstration of warships of European powers.
A page of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper depicting an image of a fleet demonstration of warships belonging to European powers in the Adriatic sea along the Turkish coast. Also shown is an image of the city of Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) in Austrian Dalmatia on the Adriatic sea. Five sketches of places in a yearly fair are seen at the bottom. In order they depict the Agricultural Hall, the Cascade, the Art Hall, the main entrance to the fair grounds, and the Journal of Agricultre.
Flood at St. Louis, June 18, 1858
A photograph taken by Marine Co. documented the damage in St. Louis from a severe flood on June 18, 1858. The streets were completely covered in water and make-shift planks provided a safe walking platform for people to safely cross from boats to the semi-submerged buildings. Two people can be seen assessing the flood damage from the rooftop of the tallest building on the left of the photograph, while others on the right stand safely on the deck of a steamboat..
Fourth Inter-state Collegiate Oratorical Contest
A lithograph of the interior of the Mercantile Library Hall in St. Louis, Missouri. A crowd is gathered to watch the Fourth Inter-state Collegiate Oratorical Contest. The figures on the stage stand beneath a very large pipe organ. Based on a sketch by F. J. Howell.
Handwerkerschule der Washington Universität in St. Louis
An illustration depicting students working at the Manual Training School of Washington University in St. Louis. There is also an illustration of the head of Dr. Calvin Milton Woodward. The caption is in German. Most likely from Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung (Illustrated Newspaper).
High School, Olive Street
Printed illustration of horse drawn carriage on Olive Street in St. Louis, Missouri. A large high school can be seen in the background. The building was built in 1855 in the Lucas Place neighborhood.
Illustrations from Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung
Illustrations of various places and events are placed surrounding and inside of an unrelated text. The top left illustration depicts the islet of Tabarca near the coast of Tunis, Tunisia; the top right illustration depicts the city of Bona, Algeria (now known as Annaba); the center illustration depicts the arrival of the Turners (German-American gymnasts); the bottom illustration depicts the arrival of the festival procession in Schnaiders Garden on the evening of the 4th of June, 1881.
Illustrations of the Southern Hotel Fire in 1877 in St. Louis, Mo
Text from various works surrounds illustrations of a fire that broke out in the Southern Hotel on the morning of April 11th, 1877. The text and captions are in German. The illustrations deal mainly with the victims of the fire and their rescuers.
Illustrations of the West End Club-House
Illustrations of the interior and exterior of the West End Club-House, owned by the St. Louis Club, with caption.
In the Cut at Iron Mountain
This page is an excerpt from an unknown text. The page includes text describing the role of the Mississippi Valley and St. Louis in the areas of railroad industry and river trade during the 1870s. The lithograph in the top right corner of the page illustrates a mining operation at Iron Mountain, an important source of minerals for the region, Men are shown hard at work among loose boulders with various tools and railroad equipment.
Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri
A view of the lawn and a collection of red brick buildings at Jefferson Barracks, south of St. Louis in Missouri, Built in 1826, Jefferson Barracks is the oldest military installation west of the the Mississippi River.
Little Boy Bab and His Kind Protector
A political cartoon featured on the front page of Frank Leslie's Illustrated newspaper, published on January 8,1876. The cartoon depicts the formal discharge of special prosecutor General John Brooks Henderson from the case involving the indictment of General Orville E. Babcock. General Babcock served as private secretary under President Ulysses S. Grant from 1869-1877 and during that time was accused of and indicted for his alleged involvement in the political scandal known as the Great Whiskey Ring. Babcock was acquitted of the charges brought against him after a defense provided by President Grant.
Loading a Mississippi Steamer at East St. Louis, At Night, By the Aid of the Electric Light
Image from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper from November 25, 1882. The sketch by Charles Upham depicts workers carrying large bags onto a steamboat under the supervision of a well dressed man with a cane. A large light is positioned on the right and the men cast shadows upon the ground.


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