M-441 William J. and Helen S. Dixon Collection

The collection of railroad executive William J. and his wife Helen Dixon. Mr. Dixon worked for the Baltimore & Ohio and Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroads during his career. He was also a notable collector of railroad documents, books and ephemera.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


60 Ton Oil-Electric Locomotive
Promotional booklet for the 60 ton Oil-Electric Locomotive.
A Plan for Rock Island Lines Pending Merger
A large scale overview plan of problems facing the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad during its pending merger with the Union Pacific. The document also outlines general directives to each department in the railroad to help solve these problems.
An Ordinance Recommended for Passage by the Committee on Railway Terminals
Description of legislation for the Chicago City Council regarding Harbor District Three.
Claremont: The Great Terminal of the World's Great Port
Booklet describing the Claremont terminal of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Erie Railroad Map of Buffalo, NY Lines and Terminals
Map showing Erie Railroad facilities and lines in Buffalo, NY
Facilities of the Penn Central Transportation Company for Handling Coal and Ore at Tide Water, Great Lakes and Ohio River Ports
Book of maps and descriptions of coal and ore facilities on the Penn Central Railroad.
Gas-Electric Train Exhibited by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Brochure from the Brill Company advertising their new gas-electric car in service on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
General Motors diesels in review, 1934-1944 : 10th anniversary of diesel road power on American railroads.
10 year anniversary booklet produced by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors. It briefly describes the diesel locomotives developed and sold by the company and includes color illustrations and black and white images of various locomotives.
Ingersoll-Rand Diesel-Electric Locomotives and Rail Cars
Catalog of locomotives and rail cars built by the Ingersoll-Rand company., Presented to C. W. Galloway Vice President Baltimore & Ohio Railroad System
La Salle Street Station File
Clippings, photos, maps and other material relating to LaSalle Street Station in Chicago, Illinois. Assembled during Mr. Dixon's time with the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad.
Letter from James Brown to Alexander Brown
Letter from James Brown to Alexander Brown regarding financing of the B&O Railroad.
Letter from John Rogers to B&O Railroad for post as Assistant Superintendent
Letter from John Rogers, a machinist based in Baltimore, to be an Assistant Superintendent for the B&O Railroad.
Letter from Moncure Robinson to B&O Railroad January 16, 1828
Letter from Moncure Robinson to the B&O Railroad about the position of chief engineer and his thoughts on the railroad's construction.
Letter from Peter Cooper Feb 15, 1856
Letter from Peter Cooper in response to the recipient's letter about eye surgery.
Lloyd's American Railroad Weekly June 29, 1861
Single issue of Lloyd's American Railroad Weekly dated June 29, 1861. Contains some news and descriptions of various railroads. Reverse is a large map of the United States in 1861 showing railroads with inset of the area around Ft. Pickens in Florida.
Manuscript from Philip E. Thomas to B&O Board of Engineers
Directive from the President of the B&O Railroad, Philip E. Thomas, to the Board of Engineers of the B&O Railroad directing them to locate the route of the railroad from the valley of the Patapsco River to the dividing Ridge (Parr's Ridge) between it and the Monocacy River.
Marine Terminals Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Promotional booklet describing marine terminals of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York Harbors.
Pennsylvania Railroad Harbor Facilities-Port of Baltimore
Booklet describing PRR facilities in the Port of Baltimore.
Pennsylvania Railroad Harbor Facilities-Port of New York
Promotional booklet showing PRR facilities in New York City, NY.
Pennsylvania Railroad Harbor Facilities-Port of Philadelphia
Booklet showing facilities operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia Harbor.
Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. (Red Arrow Lines)
Map of the Red Arrow Lines of the Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co.
Plan & Section of an Intended Iron Railway or Tram Road
Plan and elevation of railroad between Newcastle and Carlisle.
Proposed Passenger Terminal New York City
Office of the Chief Engineer report on a proposed Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Passenger Terminal on the island of Manhattan in New York City, NY.
Report of John F. Wallace Chairman Chicago Railway Terminal Commission March 1921
Report from the city of Chicago's Railway Terminal Commission tasked with improving rail infrastructure and service in the city of Chicago.
Report on Economics of Proposed Acquisition of Southern Segment of Rock Island
Economic and broad operational analysis of the proposed acquisition of the Southern portion of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad by the Southern Pacific Railway.
Report on Economics of Proposed Merger
Report on proposed merger of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad.


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