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This collection contains the digitized books of the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
A Memorial to Congress to Secure an Adequate Appropriation for a Prompt and Thorough Improvement of the Mississippi River
Other title: "Give Us An Unobstructed Mississippi." Memorial about Commerce and Trade on the Mississippi River
Addreess of Wm. Baxter Before the American Institute (Polytechnic Department) April 16. 1874.
Presentation of a paper by Mr. Baxter regarding the use of steam on United States canals.
Annual Convention of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association
Official report of the proceedings of the Third Annual Convention of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association., Contents. 1. Morning Session, Wednesday, October 7, 10 o'clock. Invocation, by Rt. Reverend Samuel Fallows, of Chicago...Page 7. Opening Address, by Mr. William K. Kavanaugh, President of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association...Page 8. Remarks of Mr. E. S. Conway, of Chicago, Vice-President of the Chicago Association of Commerce...Page 12. Report of the Secretary, by Mr. William F. Saunders, Secretary of the Lakes-to-the-Gulf Deep Waterway Association...Page 13. Report of the Treasurer, Mr. George H. Munroe...Page 23. Appointment of Committiees...Page 26. Address, by Governor Charles S. Deneen, of Illinois, Introducing Mr. Taft...Page 29. Address of the Relations of Deep Waterways to Progress and Prosperity, by William Howard Taft...Page 30. Announcements, by President Kavanaugh...Page 37. II. Evening Proceedings, At the Dinner of the Chicago Association of Commerce, Wednesday, October 7, 7:45 o'clock. Invocation, by Reverend Doctor Emil G. Hirsch...Page 38. Introductory Address, by President Richard C. Hall, of the Chicago Association of Commerce...Page 38. Address, "Chicago, Prosperous Chicago," by Mr. A. C. Barttlett...Page 39. Remarks by President Hall, Introducing Mr. Bryan...Page 41. Address on the Great Problem and the Great Law of Progress, by William Jennings Bryan...Page 42. Address on the Civic Work of the Chicago Association of Commerce, by David R. Forgan...Page 47. Remarks by President Hall, Introducing Mr. Taft...Page 49. Address on Remedies for Delays and Other Defects in the Administration of Justice, by William Howard Taft...Page 49. III. Morning Session, Thursday, October 8, 10 o'clock. Report of the Committee on Credentials, Through Mr. A. B. Wood, Chairman...Page 57. Announcement of the Transportation Committee, by Secretary Saunders...Page 59. Remarks on Chicago Hospitality, by Mr. Edwin S. Conway...Page 60. Address, the Future of Rail and Water Transportation, by James J. Hill, Chairman of the Board of the Great Northern Railway (Read by Hon. Henry T. Rainey)...Page 62. Recitation, "De Great Beeg Waterway," by Mr. P. G. Remmick...Page 78. Remarks by Hon. David R. Frances, Introducing Mr. Bryan...Page 79. Address on State and National Co-operation in Deep Waterway Improvements, by William Jennings Bryan...Page 80. IV. Afternoon Session, Thursday, October 8, 2:30 o'clock. Address on Waterways and the Conservation of National Resources, by Mr. Gifford Pinchot, Chairman of the National Conservation Commission...Page 88. Remarks on MIssouri River Improvement, by Hon. E. C. Ellis, of Kansas City...Page 95. Remarks on the Commercial Traveler as a Factor in Progress, by Mr. D. K. Klink, of Chicago...Page 98. Announcement, by Hon. William Lorimer...Page 100. Address on Iowa's Interest in Waterways, by Mr. Lafayette Young, of Des Moines...Page 101. Remarks on Southern Co-operation in Works of Improvement, by Governor X. O. Pindall, or Arkansas...Page 104. Remarks on Freight Transportation by Canals, by Mr. J. W. Simmonds, of Michigan...Page 106. Remarks on the Cheapness of Water Transportation, by Mr. Charles S. Bash, of Indiana...Page 107. Remarks on Kentucky Waterways, by Mr. James F. Bucklin, of Louisville...Page 109. Water Transportation in Oklahoma and the Southwest, Remarks by Mr. Charles T. Madison, of Oklahoma...Page 111. Intracoastal Waterways, Remarks by Henry L. Gueydan...Page 113. Production, Tranportation and River Improvement, Remarks by Hon. Joseph J. Russell, of Missouri...Page 115. V. Evening Exercises, Reception at the Coliseum, Thursday, October 8, 8 o'clock. Address of Welcome, by Mr. Walter D. Moody, of Chicago...Page 118. Remarks by Mr. John E. Kehoe, of Chicago, Introducing Colonel Nunemacher, of Louisville...Page 120. Address, Business Men in Politics, by Colonel F. C. Nunemacher, President of the Louisville Board of Trade...Page 121. Response to Toast, "The Ladies," by Colonel M. T. Bryant, of Nashville...Page 125. Address, the Great Inland Waterway, by Mr. John Temple Graves...Page 127. Program of the Coliseum Entertainment and Lists of Committees...Page 132. VI. Morning Session, Friday, October 9, 10 o'clock. Report of the Auditing Committee, through Mr. Thomas Wilkinson, Chairman...Page 136. Cheapness of Barge Transportation, Remarks by Mr. F. A. Holmes...Page 138. Report on the Finance Committee, Through Mr. James E. Smith, Chairman...Page 140. Conservation Committee Announced by President Kavanaugh...Page 141. Address, What Europe is Doing With Waterways, by Hon. John A. Ockerson...Page 142. Report of the Committee on Nominations, with Review of the Work of the Association, by Hon. William Lorimer...Page 146. Remarks by President Kavanaugh...Page 151. Address, the Future of Rail and Water Transporation in the United States, by President Theodore P. Shonts, of the Chicago & Alton Railway...Page 152. Resolution of Thanks for Chicago Hospitality, on Motion of Mr. M. J. Sanders, of Louisiana...Page 164. Selection of New Orleans for the Fourth Annual Convention of the Association; Remarks by Mahor Behrman, of New Orleans...Page 165. Report of the Committee on Resolutions, through Mr. Alexander Y. Scott, Chairman...Page 167. Endorsement of the National Farmers' Association for the Deep Waterway, Announced by Mr. Isham Randolph...Page 171. Deep Water Songs, Sung by the Convention...Page 172. "Fourteen Feet Through the Valley"...Page 172. "Dig Her Deep Thro' Dixie"...Page 173.
Captain Jolly on the Picturesque St. Croix
This narrative and history of the St. Croix River Valley is told from the viewpoint of a "Captain Jolly" and covers many subjects, including Taylor's Falls, the steamer MAGIC, Fox Indians, battles of the St. Croix region, Osceola, steamboats on the St. Croix, mills, the first wedding in Minnesota, Stillwater MN, the Sioux and Chippewa, Hudson WI, Willow River Falls, railroads, River Falls WI. Book contains illustrations and ads in the back matter. Date coverage ranges from 1680-1880.
Chipola Canal Company--Act Council, Florida.
Copy of act of incorporation for the Chipola Canal Company. House document (United States. Congress. House); 20th Congress, 1st session, no. 166.
Columbus, Ohio Flood Views 1913
28 views on 14 fold-out pages of views of the 1913 Columbus, Ohio flood. Photographs were taken in Columbus, Ohio. This was a souvenir booklet, most likely meant to be mailed.
D & C Day and Night Trips Detroit & Cleveland
Promotional pamphlet describing the schedules of the Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Company steamers around the Great Lakes region for the 1903 travel season. Includes the following lines: Detroit and Cleveland (Steamers City of Detroit and City of Cleveland); Cleveland - Toledo Line (Steamers State of New York and State of Ohio); Lake Huron Division (Steamers City of Alpena and City of Mackinac); Detroit & Buffalo Steamboat Co. (Steamers Eastern States and Western States). Includes routes to and from Detroit, Cleveland, St. Clair, Toledo, Mackinac, Port Huron, Harbor Beach, Oscoda, Alpena, Cheboygan, St. Ignace, Buffalo, Put-in-Bay and Grand Rapids. Fine illustrations, descriptions and plans of boats, as well as tourist descriptions of places along the routes are within the catalog.
Lecture Delivered by Henry F. Knapp, C.E., Before the Polytechnic Branch of the American Institute (Cooper Institute)
Other title: River Surfaces, Do Jetties raise the Bed as well as the Surface? Ergo, will every River in the Mississippi Valley finally overflow? Is a River Bar as vitally necessary as a River Bank? Natural Drainage of the Valley impeded by Channel Contractrnents, and its malarious conditions thereby intensified.
Letter from the Secretary of War,
Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting to the House of Representatives the Report of the Board of Engineers on Security of the Navigation of the Mississippi River., Other titles: Navigation of the Mississippi River. Pamphlets on the Mississippi River.
Louisiana - Inhabitants of - Levees - Mississippi. Petition Relative to Levees on the Mississippi.
A request from the citizens of Louisiana to the United States Congress for the government to build six-foot levees along the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana and the Arkansas Territory. At head of title: 24th Congress, 1st session Doc. no. 265 Ho. of Reps.
Memorial of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal Company, to Congress, December 1857.
Regarding a claim due to the company in procuring a grant of land by Congress to aid in the construction of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal.
Missouri River. Table of Distances From its Mouth to Three Forks, Mont., in Four Sections, Viz
Distances are given in miles and tenths. The letters R and L indicate the right or left bank, respectively, going down stream.
Panama Canal
Descriptive and statistical handbook to the Panama Canal. With illustrations and map., [compiled by the Secretary of the Isthmian Canal Commission].
Pomarede's Original Panorama of the Mississippi River
1849 description of Leon Pomarede's Mississippi Panorama. Mississippi panoramas were a phenomenon of the mid to late 1840s where artists would travel the length of the river taking sketches and compile their efforts into a single rolling canvas which would be displayed on a stage behind them as they presented scenes from their journeys. Pomarede's panorama was considered of higher quality as it was based off original detailed oil paintings rather than quick sketches.
Report of the President and Managers of the Schuylkill Navigation Company, to the Stockholders. January 5, 1846.
Report to stockholders of the Shuylkill Navigation Company for the year 1845.
Stranger's Guide to St. Louis
WHAT TO SEE AND HOW TO SEE IT, IN AND AROUND THE CITY, COMPRISING NOTICES OF EVERY OBJECT OF INTEREST TO STRANGERS INCLUDING public buildings, churches, hotels, public halls, places of amusement and recreation, parks, gardens, libraries, reading rooms, literary institutions, etc., etc., WITH CITY MAP AND ILLUSTRATIONS.
The Merchants' bridge : an appeal to the citizens and business men of St. Louis
Merchants bridge : it should be constructed as fast as men and money can build it : an appeal by the North St. Louis Citizens Assoction ..., Other Titles: Merchants bridge : it should be constructed as fast as men and money can build it : an appeal by the North St. Louis Citizens Association ...
The Ohio River
Charts, drawings, and description of features affecting navigation. War department rules and regulations for the river and its tributaries. Navigable depths and tables of distances for tributaries / compiled under direction of the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, and the District Engineer, Cincinnati, Ohio, by R. R. Jones, chief assistant engineer, United States Engineer Office, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Views of the Great Kansas City Flood
Photographic views of the Kansas City flood of 1903.

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