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Birds Eye View of St. Louis
In the 1870s the great American tradition of bird's eye views became a popular way of depicting the seemingly limitless potential and growth of the great American cities. St. Louis was no exception and several documented the city's prominence in this period. This view is not drawn to scale, but does include an index to points of interest and two inset illustrations, of the "view of bridge from East St. Louis" and the "entrance to tunnel from Union Station." Index: 1. U. Depot; 2. Four Courts; 3. Ent. Tunnel; 4. Post Office; 5. Court House; 6. Chamber of Commerce; 7. Genl. Office ST L. K.C.&N. RY.; 8. MO. Park; 9. Lafayette Pk.; 10. Shaws Gard; 11. Forest Pk.; 12. Fair Grounds; 13. North Park; 14. Bellefontain Cemetery; 15. Water Works, Statement of responsibility: Entered according to an Act of Congress in the year 1870, by C. K. Lord, in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.
Cincinnati, OH
Map of Cincinnati, Ohio showing railroads in and around the city.
East St. Louis, Illinois
Map of East Saint Louis, Illinois and surrounding area showing various railroads.
Edward Aberle's Railroad Map of the United States
A map of the proposed Prince Plan alignment of the US Railroad Network.
Group Consolidations of the Railroads of the United States
Map showing proposed railroad consolidations as advocated by the Prince Plan.
John W. Barriger III Collection Maps
Maps from collection B-1; The John W. Barriger III Papers.
Lines of Applicant Carriers and Other Railroads Following the Transaction
Map of the railroad lines relating to the Conrail Split between NS and CSX after the completion of the split of Conrail.
Lines of Applicant Carriers and Other Railroads Prior to the Transaction
Map of the railroad lines relating to the Conrail Split between NS and CSX before the completion of the split of Conrail.
Louisville, Kentucky
Map of Louisville, Kentucky showing various railroads in and around the city.
Maps from The Lewis Collection.
Maps from the Robert and Hansell Lewis Collection of the Barriger National Railroad Library
Official Map Chicago Terminal District
1961 map of the railroads serving the Chicago metropolitan area. There is an inset that provides detail on railroad lines and facilities in the downtown core of the city.
Pacific Rail Road of Missouri and Its Connections
From J. West Goodwin's Pacific Railway business guide & gazetteer of Missouri and Kansas for 1867-8 / Saint Louis, Mo : J. West Goodwin, 1867.
Pebble Phosphate District Florida
Map of mines and processing facilities served by Seaboard Coast Line Railroad
Railroad Map of St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL
A 1932 Map of the railroads serving St. Louis, MO and East St. Louis, IL.
St. Louis, Missouri
Map of St. Louis, MO showing various railroads in the city.
State of Missouri
"See Jos. S. Wilson's report of March 1866 in regard to the Missouri titles printed with documents accompanying Commissioner's Annual Report." This map of the state of Missouri shows counties, cities, rivers, copper and iron mines, seat of land offices, and county seats. It also shows land grant railroads with the 6 and 15 mile limits of their grants. "Note: Iron Mountain (Iron Co.) is composed exclusively of Iron ore in its purest form. The height of this mountain is 228 feet, and its base covers an area of 500 acres, which is calculated to give 1,655,280,000 cubic feet, or 230,187,375 tons of ore. There are several other Mountains in this region, and it is computed that there is iron ore enough in Missouri to furnish 1,000,000 tons per annum of manufactured iron for the next two hundred years. Sir S. Morton Peto.", Mapping St. Louis Catalog 32b
Vincennes, Indiana
Map showing railroad lines in Vincennes, Indiana.
Wabash Serving St. Louis Industries
Promotional map from the Wabash Railroad showing track locations and industrial areas of St. Louis, MO that were served by the Wabash. Additional information is included to promote the railroad's service for shippers.
Wabash-Serving St. Louis Industries
Reverse side of map from the Wabash Railroad Company

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