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Digitized books (monographs) belonging to the general collections of St. Louis Mercantile Library, the Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library, the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library, the UMSL University Archives and the Thomas Jefferson Library. In some cases, a digitized book is part of a larger archival, manuscript or special collection. In such cases, the book has been included with the collection.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
2894, or The Fossil Man (A Midwinter Night's Dream)
2894, or The Fossil Man (A Midwinter Night's Dream) is part of the Utopia Collection. The novel specifically belongs to the subgenre of feminist utopias; the story reverses traditional gender roles and inserts the protagonist, Lord Ammonite, into a society of "dominant women and submissive men." --- From "The Bookseller and Newsman, Volume 11" (1894): "2894" or THE FOSSIL MAN, by Walter Browne; G. W. Dillingham publishers, New York; paper, 50cts. 12mo. 298 pages. The adventures that befall this dreamer, when, as a fossil man he is brought to life in the Utopia of A. D. 2894; form most amusing reading. Mr. Browne seems to have absorbed the imaginative styles of Rider Haggard and Jules Verne. He seriously accounts for his many marvels with a plausibility which is almost convincing; and at the same time his lines bristle with a sly undercurrent of wit, which is worthy of "Pinafore" Gilbert. A light love story gives a zest to the book; but the ludicrous incidents arising from the loss of the fossil's right hand; which is broken off before his revivificiation; and the many escapades of the man to-day, forms the bulk of the book. --- This novel is a particularly rare work of the English language, and this is currently the only known copy held in a publicly accessible institution. The book was digitized in 2018 as part of an effort to increase accessibility and preserve the work. Please direct all inquires regarding this and other rare books in the Saint Louis Mercantile Library collection to the library's Reference Services:
Mysteries of Saint Louis
Giving particulars of bunko, bucket shops, mysterious disappearances, the tin can brigade, taking in the town, ways that are dark, life among the lowly, dandies and damsels, night in the streets, crimes of a great city, grave robbers, &c.
Reply of Colonel Jennison to G.C. Bingham
Colonel Jennison's reply to George Caleb Bingham's work, "Who is Colonel Jennison?"
Report of the Committee appointed by the directors of the Pacific Railroad
Reports of the majority and minority of the committee formed to investigate the accident at the Gasconade Bridge of the Pacific Railroad of Missouri
Report, In Part, of the Committee of Revisal, and Unfinished Business
Government document dealing with the funding of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

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